August competition results!

So, I have listed all the commenters who were so kind as to leave me a note during August, removed my comments and my mother’s (sorry Mum, nepotism and all that, but I’ll make you a bookmark for Christmas if you’d like!) and have picked a winner, via, my trusty online number-out-of-a-hat-picker!

So, without further ado, the person who will be getting my little package of chocolate, bookmark, postcards and lanyard is…Doggoned Mysteries! Congratulations, I’ll be sending you an e-mail shortly asking for your postal address, and I’ll get the package in the mail as soon as I can thereafter!

However, with so many lovely commenters through the month of August, I have been regretting only posting that I’d be giving one prize. So, I’ve decided that two runners up will each be getting a large bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk as a consolation prize. Those two people are (once again, after consulting Mr Existere and Kathleen! More e-mails are on their way, and well done to both of you.

Doggoned Mysteries’ blog is one that I’ve only recently discovered (via my mother, who would tell me all about her every blogpost, so I thought I’d better start to read them for myself!). I’m really enjoying what I’ve read, and am glad that my mother has the habit of passing on things which amuse her!

Existere is a new mum to two gorgeous babies and so could probably use the sugar energy from the chocolate! I’ve been following her blog for a few months now, and really enjoy her way of writing, as she generally manages to be humorous even in the hardest of times. And Kathleen is a new commenter to my blog (I believe – correct me if I’m wrong!) and I love to meet new people here so this is great!

Well done to all of you. I hope the postman gets the parcels to you nice and quickly so that you can enjoy the sugary goodness!

Don’t forget the giveaway…

Only a couple of days left to enter!

giveaway button

I’ve had lots and lots of comments this month, and can tell that I’m going to have lots of fun on Tuesday working out a way to pick the winner! But you still have a couple of days to load my site up with more comments and give me a little more work!! And remember, there’s also a decent sized bar of Dairy Milk chocolate as well as the things that you can see in the picture. Give it a go – what do you have to lose?!

Click here for a link to my original post about the giveaway, which has all the entry details in it. Good luck!

Fairtrade Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate!

The world truly is a bright and sunny place to be! Hurrah and Huzzah for the people at Cadburys who have ensured that AT LAST I can eat my favouritest chocolate in the whole world without feeling guilty about the little children who have been paid farthings in order to make production of this sweet sweet chocolate possible!

Imagine my delight when I was in the supermarket and I saw this gorgeous baby adorned with that lovely blue and green logo on the side! However, I have a confession…

dairy milk

I got it home, thinking that it would be a wonderful addition to my little giveaway, so I took a photo of it, and carried on with what I was doing. However, unfortunately muscle memory wasn’t to know that I was having a giveaway and so the next time I looked down, it looked a little more like this;

finished dairy milk

I apologise most heartily – the gorgeous, creamy, chocolatey goodness called to me in a voice sweet and clear, and I was powerless to resist. However, I have been back to the supermarket, just to make sure that it wasn’t a figment of my (frankly, overworked) imagination, and replaced it with this;

bigger and better

Yup, as a measure of my guilt, contrition and (boundless, so it would seem) generosity, I substituted the previous paltry 49g bar for a whopping 230g of the best chocolate EVER! You just know that this alone is going to bump the postage way up!

Anyway, remember, only eight days left in which to post comments and tweet etc and generally get entries. You know you want it!


It’s time! I’ve finally gathered the things and taken the pictures and here I am. Firstly, thank you to all of you who have helped me to get to 70,000 visits, and thus giving me the reason to celebrate something!

And now to let you know what is in my giveaway this time;


Here it is! One lucky person will be receiving this little bundle of goodies. But lets go through it bit by bit.

lanyardFirst up is my lanyard. I made it because my white lanyard which holds my work pass is absolutely disgusting to look at now, having been worn for some months, and I’m not sure how washable it is. I also have a lanyard for home, on which I hang my house keys in case I go out and don’t want to carry a handbag. I find it really helpful to have when I run to school and back and don’t need a purse or phone, or when I dash out the back to hang out the washing. It saves me panicking about locking myself out! This lanyard is made from cotton which, I am informed, is washable to 60°, and also tumble-driable (although I’d remove the metal first!). It’s in red and green as they are the national colours of Wales, so I thought that a giveaway from the capital of Wales should really reflect that in some way! I’ve attached a keyring, and then a clip to the keyring which is holding a trolley token. I’m not sure if this would be any use outside of the UK, not knowing how big the coins are which are used in ‘foreign’ trolleys.


Next up is this bookmark, made out of thread cotton in a variegated blue thread. I’ve lightly starched it so it should hold its shape, but it’s not so stiff that it would be awkward to place in a book. I’m enjoying my foray into lace crochet in between various other objects.

chocolate and postcards

Finally (and maybe most important!), the chocolate! I’m including a bar of my favourite chocolate, Green and Black’s fairtrade Maya Gold. Yum! Also in this picture you’ll see some postcards of landmarks of my home city. I love my photos (you may have guessed!) and wanted to send some pictures to show you what Cardiff looks like, but couldn’t choose and so decided to buy a couple of postcards instead.

So there you have it. And now to what you need to do. Leave a comment. That’s it! I’d like it if you’d tell me what your favourite chocolate (or other confectionary) is, but I won’t get narkey if you don’t! Extra credit will be given if you tweet about the giveaway (+2 entries) or blog about it (a massive +5), but please let me know that you have, with a link left in a comment. I feel obligated to point out that getting the extra entries really does pay off. Dancing on a Blade of Grass won my last giveaway, and she had blogged about it and received the corresponding extra entries! Oh, and also, I don’t know if you remember, but on 1st August I said that every comment left during August would be eligible for an entry. So comment on my other blogposts too! I’m writing a post every day for NaBloPoMo so there’ll be plenty of opportunity! And I’ll be willing to post internationally, so everyone’s welcome to the party.

The giveaway will be open until midnight BST (my local time) on 31st August, so until the very last minute of this month. I will then (hopefully!) draw a winner on 1st September and post about it shortly thereafter.

Good luck!



I’ve added another prize to the giveaway. The lucky, lucky winner will also receive 230g of the best chocolate in the world;


Yum! Good luck once again!

I’ve not forgotten…

…about the giveaway I promised! I’ve noticed that I’ve now passed 70,000 visitors, so the giveaway is imminent. I’ve got one gift, and am working on a second. Give me a day or two, and all will be revealed!

August giveaway

I will be holding a giveaway later in the month, when I reach my 70,000th visitor. More details will be published nearer the time; suffice it to say here that there will be opportunities to enter via blog comments and tweets. Also, EVERY COMMENT posted to this blog during the month of August (except for my own comments of course, duh!) will equal one entry to my giveaway.

Keep visiting, and hopefully we’ll get to 70,000 sooner rather than later. Then we can all see what I’ll be giving away. It’s a surprise for me too, as I’ve not thought about the prize yet! It’ll be good though, and may even involve more chocolate!

A nearly giveaway…

I was going to do a minor giveaway today. I recently sent off for a free Eaga ShowerSmart tap widgetty thing which reduces the amount of fluctuation in the mains water flow and thus (apparently) saves you money, if you are on a water meter, or at least gives you the peace of mind that you are doing something small for the environment if you are on a standing charge. However, I got my wires crossed, and imagined that it was one of those gadgets that you fit over the end of a tap to turn it into a spray of water rather than a stream (which also apparently saves money) and so now I have one of these ShowerSmart whatsits and no mains powered non-electric shower to use it on. So I was going to offer it to one of my British readers, as I guess that the postage might be a little heavy to anywhere else.

However, as I’m feeling a little lazy this evening, I decided to Google their website to see if they had a picture I could borrow, to show you what you could get, and discovered that they are still available, free, to all UK households. So, if this sounds like something that you could use, hop over to their website now and snaffle yourself one. Goodness knows that every saving on a utility bill is a welcome one, credit crunch or no! (I had a lovely surprise yesterday when my quarterly electric bill was only £104 – I’ve really been trying to cut back on electricity usage, and it seems to have paid off. I can’t remember the last time my bill was this low!)

Oh, and if anyone knows where I can get myself one of those end-of-tap-spray-maker-widgetty-thingies I was talking about before (for free, preferably!), please let me know!