A lovely Christmas

I am sitting in my living room this Boxing day evening, having just put the baby to bed and I’m thinking to myself just how lucky I am. We had a lovely Christmas yesterday with my parents. The baby had a disturbed night on Christmas Eve because of teething pain which kept her awake for a while, but luckily the boys have never been the sort of children to insist on being up at a ridiculous hour on Christmas morning so we were able to sleep until about half past seven. Then we had a reasonably relaxed morning, enjoying a nice breakfast before going to church. Mum came with us to the service, and then Dad joined us at our house once we got back. A couple more presents were opened before lunch, although I think that probably the majority were left for after lunch. Our front room did look a bit like a whirlwind had swept through a toy factory for a while, but we managed to leave enough space for Baby Sweetie to play on the floor! The rest of the day was spent with a little bit of TV watching and a lot of exploring our presents.

Today we went to GG’s sister’s house for lunch. They had put on a tremendous spread, and we have a lot to live up to if we hope to be the hosts next year! Then it was time for the children to open more presents while I made my annual attempt to keep track of who gave what to who so that thank you notes can be written in the next few days. They had great fun filling my sister-in-law’s hallway with a Star Wars scalextric set! Then some more family members visited. We only really see these cousins at Christmas so it was good to catch up. The annual promises to meet up before next Christmas were exchanged – I just hope we manage to keep them this year!

All in all, apart from the discomfort my poor baby girl has been suffering with her erupting teeth, we’re having a lovely Christmastime. I think the rest of our week will be quite easygoing (no rushing round the shops for the sales for me I’m afraid!). I intend to enjoy my family all being home, and make the most of my first Christmas in our new house and with all three of my gorgeous children. As I said at the beginning, I’m a very lucky lady!

Merry Christmas!

I’ve been given a new toy for Christmas; a tablet! So while I’m having a play and working out what it can do, I thought I would wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy new year. 

We’ve had a lovely day so far. Bacon and eggs for breakfast and a couple of presents before church, then a big roast pork dinner before finishing opening the rest of our presents. Our front room looks like a warehouse! The boys are very happy and excited with what they received, and baby Sweetie was of course thrilled with all the wrapping paper that she was allowed to scrunch and wave about. 

Now it’s almost time for Doctor Who, so I’m settling in for the evening!


This is apparently the name of my ailment. It shows no sign of letting up. I grow more and more covetous of pretty sparkly Christmas decorations by the day.

‘Tis the season…well, nearly!

I’m getting a bit overexcited about Christmas this year. I think it’s a combination of new house, new baby, no morning sickness and increased mobility on last year. But it all boils down to the one thing. I’m addicted to tinsel.

While I’m really really looking forward to getting the Christmas deeleyboppers and the santa hats out soon, I’ve not done very much of use to prepare. I’ve bought next to no presents (and have made absolutely none, given the time constraints that a certain very young person imposes on me!), written no cards, planned no festive gatherings. But I do have a very nice new tree and an awful lot of tinsel. You see, every year I miss all the good tinsel and am faced with those stringy mean looking strands that everyone else leaves in favour of the good, fat, bushy garlands. So this year I adopted a proactive, early bird catches the worm strategy and started buying tinsel early. With the result that I haven’t been able to pass a shop with tinsel since September without studying it intently and (usually) taking it home. I got eight metres of lovely green tinsel with fake holly leaves at intervals along the length from Tesco today. Such simple things keep me happy! I wonder what my Christmas obsession will be next year, given that I will already have ALL THE TINSEL and won’t be able to justify buying any more. Oh, or fairy lights. We do seem to own quite a few sets of fairy lights, but that’s also a Very Good Thing. It means that I can light up my house to Midsummer in the Med levels of brightness and banish the miserable short grey days happening outside.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to trudge around town doing my gift shopping for me, please drop a postcard to the usual address…


I had the shocking realisation today that it will be December in less than two weeks. Now, I’m growing accustomed to the years flying past, but I seem to have lost a whole season. Is it me, or did autumn come and go in about three days?

My little girl is six months old already (more about that in another post) and still regularly travelling in her babasling. I’m so glad I bought them (I own two – the first was an eBay bargain but in an ungirly green so I splashed out on a nice lilac one once I realised how much use it would get). It takes much less time to pop her in that and get out of the door than it does to pack her in her buggy. Quite apart from anything else, as she’s snuggled right up against me and at least partly under my coat I don’t need to pile so many layers on her. We have recently begun to share a scarf when we travel like this, to keep out the draughts!

I’m not doing much Christmas knitting this year as I always overcommit myself and end up getting really stressed out in Christmas week. I am taking part in a swap on Ravelry though, and we have to make something to go in the parcel. I decided a shawl would be a great idea. However, I’ve just started the border in a 2×2 rib (the knitters among you will understand!) with approximately 450 stitches per  row. I reckon each row will take a good quarter of an hour to complete, and the border should probably be at least three if not four inches deep. And I don’t like knitting rib at the best of times. I can see that I’ll need to find whole new levels of patience over the coming week. Oh, and I’m on a deadline; ideally I want to post my parcel by the end of next week. I just hope the recipient likes it after all this!

Other than that, I want to make some more blanket squares and finish a baby hat by the end of the month, then I’m aiming to make baby Sweetie another jumper before Christmas. So I really don’t have time for it to already be two thirds through  November. Oh dear!

If you’re in Cardiff tomorrow…

…come and see me at Roath craft market, on Keppoch Street in the Mackintosh Sports and Social club! We’re open for extended hours, from 9.30am until 3pm for these last two Saturdays before Christmas. And now for the two extra enticements to my stall; firstly, I am having a pre-Christmas sale! Buy one item of jewelry, and get £1 off each subsequent item of jewelry purchased in that same transaction. So, you can get a very nice set of jewelry at an extremely reasonable price! Secondly (and probably more importantly) there will be a lovely big bowl of chocolates on my stall for all who pass, in the hope of generating even more smiles and lots of Christmas spirit!

As I’m passing by…

Just a really quick post to say hi! as I’ve not been by for a while. I’ve been super busy trying to get ahead of the game with Christmas crafting, and I’ve also been working on getting my Etsy shop ready to show you all. I’m nearly there, but I want to put a few more things in the shop first.

Anyway, it occurs to me that I haven’t showed you my latest knitting projects that I’ve finished, so I thought I’d nip in and share a couple of photos. Hopefully I’ll have some time later on to write a little more.

This is my Ishbel shawl, which will be a Christmas present for someone who for now will remain nameless! I’m fairly certain she’s never looked at my blog, so I’m safe to add it. It’s from a pattern by Isolda Teague, and I love the vinework lace pattern.

And this is my second Travelling Woman shawl. The pattern is free (I’ll find a link later) and it was so lovely to knit up. This one’s for me, although I think there’ll be at least two more knitted as Christmas presents.

And that’s all for now. I’ve got to dash or the kids will be late for school. Catch you later!