I wonder if these come in my size??

Reading through my favourite blogs, I came across one of Dooce’s recent posts. She has received a pair of customised Converse trainers for her baby daughter – I want them!! I’d love to be able to draw and paint well enough to try to do something like that for myself – I love the clouds and hippos!

Which city do I belong in?

You Belong in Rome

You’re a big city soul with a small town heart

Which is why you’re attracted to the romance of Rome

Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand

And gorgeous Italian people – could life get any better?

Fair enough – I’m not going to argue with that! Easy travelling distance to the Amalfi Coast, yeah, I guess that if I had to pick any city, Rome would be good!

Works in progress

I seem to have quite a few works in progress at the moment, and I’m dying to do about twenty other things as well (I’m a Gemini, and have the typical Gemini characteristics of flitting like a butterfly from one project to the other!). In an effort to try to check myself, I decided to share all of my current WIPs with you, as well as my target of finishing them all by the end of the month.

Patchwork squares for afghan

Well, all except this one! This is the current mound of squares that I have accrued towards my winter afghan project, and I’ve no intention of trying to finish it by the end of April, but it still counts as a WIP so it deserved a photo! I have a vision of myself piecing this all together when the evenings get chilly again in the autumn, so that the ever increasing blanket keeps my knees warm as I work!

dishcloth for swap

This is a small project that I hope to finish this evening. I’m making a dishcloth (or maybe two – I’ll see how fast it comes together) to include with my Down–To–Earth swap parcel which is due to be posted before the end of the month. Along with the dishcloth, will be this;

kitchen towel

It’s not a great picture, but it’s a section of the kitchen towel which will be part of my swap. I’ve got to edge it with coloured cotton to finish it, so not too much work left, once I decide what stitch I want to use.

Wool for Owls

While it’s not quite a work in progress yet, not having been started, I have it in my head to start this over the Easter weekend, so it will definitely count by next week! I bought it on Ebay recently, and plan to use it to make an Owls sweater, as shown here (you need to scroll down the page to see the Owls design).

slipper socksNext, is this pair of slipper socks that I have been crocheting to be kept at my mother in law’s house. No-one wears shoes in her house, but her conservatory (where we spend a lot of time) has laminate floor so my feet are usually freezing cold. They’re nearly finished, apart from making the leg parts a little longer, but I’d like to embellish them a little.

bath mat in progress

Does anyone remember me asking you to guess the strange item in the picture a few weeks ago? Well, this was what it was leading to. It was a ball of recycled yarn, made from cutting t-shirts into long strips. I was sorting through my t-shirts and discovered that I’ve got about eight charity t-shirts (mainly from the half-dozen ‘Races For Life’ that I’ve done), all of which were a little the worse for wear and taking up space in my drawers that could definitely be put to better use! So I decided to make myself a mat for my bathroom floor. I like to have a good solid chunky mat underfoot when I get out of the bath, and this will definitely suit! As far as I’ve gone so far took up two whole t-shirts, and I’ve got three more wanting a good home. I’m hoping that will be enough, otherwise I’m attacking GG’s drawers too!

Last but not least, is this;holiday bag in progress

It is the beginnings of a bag to take on holiday with me when we go abroad later in the year. The solid rectangle is the base (or nearly is the base – I need to enlarge it a little more), the pink ex-shirt will be the lining, and the granny squares are the start of the couple of dozen that I’ll need for the body of the bag. When I saw this yarn in my mother in law’s stash I loved it’s bright colours on sight and so when she passed her stash onto my mother, and my mother had no use for it, I had it! It’s really soft as well, so lovely to work with. I look forward to seeing what I manage to make from it!

So, that is it. My list of WIPs. All of which (plus two pot-holders for my swap) I want to have finished by the end of the month. I have confidence in me! I’ve got so much else that I want to do, I’m sure that if I concentrate on these I’ll have no problem finishing them. Expect many photos of completed articles in due course!

Cure for a bad day!

My friend Maria showed me this last night, and I defy you all not to at least smile when you watch it! These four laughing babies remind me so much of my boys (even though they were singles) and the effort that we went to to make them laugh when they were this age.

So, what do you think? Cheers you right up, doesn’t it!

More Easter bonnets or hats for boys

Well, so many of you right now are coming here after searching for boys’ Easter bonnets that I thought I’d do another post about it. This time, however, I plan on finding people who put more time and effort into their creations than I did last year!

  • This link leads to a very cute top hat with bunny ears which would be suitable for a little boy, made out of cardboard plates and bowls, and apparently taking less than an hour to complete.
  • At this website you can find instructions to make a rabbit hat/headband which is really suitable for boys or girls. It’s just made with cardboard and glue, so cheap to put together.
  • Here in the moneysavingexpert.com forums are a whole range of ideas for boy suitable Easter hats, from chicks playing rugby to top hats.

You can also find some more ideas on Yahoo answers, although a lot of the other places I searched more or less just described what I did last year with the yellow straw hat and the chicks!

If you find any of these ideas useful, or if you have better ideas of your own, please let me know. I’d like to be able to do an updated post next year, so feedback would be helpful. Also, if you’re new here, please come back and visit again! I’m planning a giveaway towards the end of April, so hopefully lots of you will be interested in taking part.

**EDIT** 28/03/10 – I’ve just uploaded a new post about the latest Easter hat we made for my younger son’s Easter parade. Have a look at it here.

Dead at your age

I noticed this on the S.E.V.E.N. blog, and thought it was so bizarre, I really have to share it with you! www.dead.atyourage.com tells you which people of note through the years you have outlived! Go and have a go! I found out that I’ve just outlived Ruth Ellis, a woman who was the last to be executed in England after she killed her abusive boyfriend. Well, that’s good to know then! Who have you recently outlived?

A macabre but strangely compelling website. Come back and let me know who it threw up for you!

Fancy apron giveaway!

Apronista is holding a giveaway for a choice of one of three very snazzy aprons over at her blog. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment telling her which of the aprons from the collection by Mingle Aprons would be your favourite (mine was the Madeline, although I liked them all!) – you can get extra entries by telling her your favourite party food or drink, and also by blogging or tweeting about the competition. So wish me luck – I think I’d look very glamorous in one of these aprons!

Update on handwriting

A few days ago, I posted about a survey type thing that the BBC were conducting into the varying styles of handwriting among different age groups. I submitted mine (as I blogged here) and it has been put on the BBC website! Most exciting! Well, I’m excited anyway! If anyone shares my geek-like excitement and would like to see my handwriting in a second website, head over there now. And while you’re there, have a look at Mr Richard Norfolk’s handwriting, situated a little over half way down the page. How gorgeous is that? I’d love to have handwriting like his!

Thanks very much to Sandie for pointing out my moment of fame!

Cup of cake

cake in a cup

GG yesterday pointed out this link to me, linking to an online recipe for Chocolate cake, made in a mug, cooked in the microwave. I had the munchies last night whilst watching TV, and as we had no other form of chocolate in the house I decided to give it a go.

It was really really simple to do. I made that whilst GG made cups of tea, in fact. Simple instructions, basic ingredients which almost everyone would have in their house as standard, and three minutes in the microwave to cook. Fabulous!

cake out of a cup

It came out of the mug easily, and then we just split it between us to eat. It was a bit dry though, and I can see why, at the end of the recipe, it was recommended to serve it with cream or ice cream. I think I’ll have to do some experimentation; I’m thinking chocolate chips, or possibly chocolate sauce in the middle. Definitely a really nice vanilla ice cream with it, and maybe I’ll whisk the mixture next time before cooking it in order to get a lighter texture. Definitely something I’d like to experiment with!

Oh, and next time I wouldn’t use a flarey-outey mug either – made for a fairly weird shaped cake!

Global warming, and why I’m not moving south anytime soon

Crunchy Chicken today posted a link to, and a blogpost about a very interesting article in the New Scientist magazine, offering an opinion on what the world would look like if the overall temperature of the world were to increase by just 4°. It’s very interesting reading, and makes me extremely glad to be already living as near to one of the poles as we do! It also makes me wish even more ardently for our little farm in the south Wales hills. Ho hum. Maybe one day. Meantime, have a look at this graphic of how the world might be in a few decades.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain about the cold so much.