Relaxing Saturday

Today has been a very restful day. It started off with my sleeping in, eventually waking for my first cup of tea just before 10am. Then, after some reading in bed (essential lazy day activity) I eventually got up and cleaned out my big kitchen store cupboard, and did some laundry. Now, I know that doesn’t sound relaxing, but the cupboard is something I’ve been meaning to tackle for some time and I’d just not found the time. I knew that I’d enjoy my afternoon much more if I’d done something useful in the morning, and so I did. Most of the afternoon was spent knitting, a large chunk of it whilst listening to the afternoon play on Radio 4 starring David Tennant (Scottish accent and all – a happy hour and a half, even if his character was a little too lecherous for my tastes!). I also discovered (only a week late!) that I can watch the Olympics by pressing the red button on BBC 2. Bless me! I had been grumbling and whingeing to myself that there was very limited coverage of the Olympics on the BBC, and there it was all along! So we watched some ice dancing, some slalom-y stuff and some curling. Then we moved on to ‘Back to the Future 3’, which series my children have only recently been introduced to by their godmother. I made a sort of halfway to lasagne pasta bake for tea, and have since been on my laptop. Good times!

I did manage to get a goodly amount of knitting done, although I’m not letting myself count the lace repeats any more as it was getting too disheartening when I realised each time how much I had left to do. So, as I’ve more or less got to knit to the end of the ball of yarn, I thought I might as well just knit and┬átry not to think how much I’ve done or how much I’ve got left until the ball of yarn is about the size of a marble. At which point I’ll cast off, it will be done and all will be well with the world. Hurrah!

Tomorrow I have the delightful prospect of someone else cooking my dinner for me, and hopefully a few more hours of uninterrupted knitting time. Also, as I don’t take my Shawl of Doom anywhere that I might be required to talk, when I go out tomorrow, I’ll be taking my ‘Not Socks’ which I’m knitting as part of a KAL (knitalong) initiated by my friend Ellie to a pattern created by another friend of mine, Machelle. I have talented friends!


Yay! More Mr Tennant on my TV screen!

I’ve just read that the BBC are making a new four part drama starring David Tennant! Yay! And, it’s set in Glasgow so he should be using his beautiful Scottish accent for the role! Double yay! Happy Jennie!

Plus, tomorrow’s afternoon play on BBC Radio 4 is also starring David. Excellent! Tomorrow will be a good day!

David Tennant to reprise Hamlet!

Woop! It has been announced that David Tennant will be reprising his role as the eponymous hero in the RSC production of Hamlet, together with all the other key actors from the sell out run! Yay! I went to see it in London just before Christmas, but unfortunately missed David’s performance as he was still recovering from the operation he underwent on his back. Even without him it was a fabulous performance, and I wouldn’t have missed it, but I’m extremely glad that I’ll get the chance to see it on BBC2 at some point later this year. And if BBC2 have commissioned it, you can be sure that it won’t be long before it goes to BBC America and ABC in Australia, or similar networks, thereby allowing millions more to see a performance that was described as “the greatest Hamlet of his generation”.

There has been a huge public demand for a repeat performance of Hamlet┬áby David Tennant, so I’m really glad that the BBC have got behind it and are doing this. Makes the television┬álicence fee more palatable!

Doctor Who Christmas special preview!!

Ooh! I REALLY can’t wait for Christmas now! I’ve just seen a special preview of the Christmas special of ‘Doctor Who’, and I really can’t wait to see the rest now!

There was another Doctor! With an assistant!! And a sonic screwdriver!!! Who mentioned the TARDIS!!!!!!! Ooooh!I’m very excited now!! And he said “Allons-y”!

The boys were also very excited and as intrigued by the taster as I was – bring on Christmas!!

Little Carrot??

I just tuned in to ‘Most Haunted’ on Living TV – my husband and I find it quite funny a lot of the time, and tonight was no exception. They are filming in a building which was formerly an insane asylum in Denbigh, North Wales which apparently was cursed by witches (I don’t know when that would have been). Anyway, having only just posted┬ámy last post about bilingual road signs having gone a little bit ker-pluey, I was amazed to hear Yvette Fielding being told to call ‘moron fach’ in order to attract the attention of a spirit, as the location in North Wales would have had a lot of people who spoke mainly or only Welsh. Hmm. Well, the last time I looked, ‘moron fach’ translates as ‘little carrot’! If I were a spirit in that asylum, I would either be laughing too hard to be paying them and their ‘investigation’ any attention, or I would have stormed off in a huff at the abuse of my mother tongue!

So funny!

David Tennant announces the end of his occupancy of the TARDIS

Last night I was working on my computer with my BBC news ticker running along the top of my screen when…shock, horror!! “David Tennant Quits As Doctor Who”. Frantic (OK, slight exaggeration) text messages ensued with my friend Maria as to how we would cope through the future without him at the helm of the TARDIS (she suggested that she should marry him so that he would stay in our lives for ever!), while Hubby adopted the more prosaic view – “You’ll just have to watch him in other things”!

Thank goodness I’ve got ‘Hamlet‘ to look forward to. And I do have all his ‘Doctor Who’ episodes on DVD and video, as well as ‘Casanova’! I think ‘Blackpool’ will have to be on my Christmas list now.

See here for the interview with David about his announcement of the end of the Tenth Doctor’s run.

Definition of Summer

My cold has come back again, and my head feels very bunged up. It is very cold and grey outside, and slightly misty. I was absolutely worn out when I woke up, which is all wrong, and even a ‘bracing’ walk to school and back did nothing to make me more alert. I am most definitely not yet in a mood today to feel glad about the weather, and with that in mind (i.e. the bitterness I feel at having to wait six more months to feel warm without artificial aids!) I started to think about the definition of summer.

This year, those months with the most daylight hours did not adhere to the dictionary definition of Summer. Here are some of the definitions I have found on the internet.

Among words in common use in various locations I have researched are ‘temperate’, ‘warm’, ‘bright’, as well as ‘tourism’. Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but my touristic endeavours were definitely limited this summer as I had very little inclination to take my children sight-seeing in the rain.

“A period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty” says Humph. I don’t feel that I experienced any of these, but then this could be the bitterness induced by my cold inducing a form of memory loss. I’m sure I wasn’t unhappy all the way through the summer, I’m just finding it hard to remember summer-related high points right now (maybe the cold is slowing my brain function!).

I’m going to wrap myself in blankets while I watch ‘The West Wing‘┬áfor the morning while I drink endless cups of tea and try to tell myself that I don’t need chocolate to make myself happy. Then, after lunch maybe I’ll feel happier and more able to be productive. I’m most definitely ‘glass half empty’ today!