Just to make it more official…

…Anyone care to join me?


Everyday posting

I’ve just noticed that my mother has decided to blog every day through February. The NaBloPoMo word or theme for February is ‘Character’, which could throw up some interesting posts, especially from my Mum if she tells some more of the stories which she is known for by her regular readers. I think I may join her in this. I’ve been saying for ages that I should get back into the habit of blogging a little more often, so maybe a solid month of posts would get me back in the swing of things. The only problem would be finding something interesting to write every day. Still, it’s got to be worth a shot!

Yesterday I popped into a local charity shop as I was passing, wondering if there might be any interesting bric-a-brac (BTW, Welshpurpletree, they had shed loads of glassware there, in case you’re in the market for it!) and immediately my eye was drawn by a spinning wheel and chair by the till. Now, you’ll all know by now that my addiction to new hobbies knows no bounds, especially one which involves fibre, so this was almost irresistible. I went and had a good look, gave the treadle a pedal (I’m a poet!) and generally acted as if I knew lots and lots about spinning wheels! Unfortunately, I really didn’t, although I increased my knowledge a lot once I got home and spent all night researching spinning wheels online. However, the salient point was that if I bought the wheel I’d either be acquiring the bargain of the year or a pile of prettily shaped firewood. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after all my research I went back to the shop this morning only to find that it had gone. I have chosen to believe that it was fate, and that had I bought it, within a couple of days the wheel would have bounced off the frame and out of sight in a comedy manner. Otherwise I’d be very very sad indeed about missing out on an antique single treadle saxony spinning wheel with accompanying chair (I told you I’d been doing my research!).

Hopefully this means that my character is developing new traits of acceptance and resignation which have at times been sadly lacking in me! Also, I really need to stop being such a Gemini with my crafting and just focus on the ones I already do. But it’s so much fun flitting from one to the other, I don’t want to be tied down! I think that I’ll have a go at my needle felting this week at some point, which is a new craft to me, and have a little break from knitting. Perhaps. But then I’ll probably have a really good idea for a pattern the day after tomorrow which needs to be knitted right away, or I’ll remember someone’s birthday which needds a present.

(As an aside, my sister in law celebrates her 30th in a couple of weeks – any ideas for presents?? She will be 14 weeks pregnant by then and so all alcohol and most clothing will be out. Also I’ve already given her toiletries and I don’t think chocolate would be particularly welcomed. It’s a dilemma!)

I’m already thinking about more posts along the ‘character’ theme, so even if I don’t manage to get here every day, I’m hoping to at least make it in a little more frequently! See you soon!

Another month down

How is it possible that we will be into September in just under two hours? How is it possible that the summer holidays are nearly over? It only feels as if the boys have been home for about a fortnight.

The theme for NaBloPoMo this month was ‘Tomorrow’. I’ve not adhered to the theme, and yet on this last day of the month, all I’ve been thinking of are my tomorrows. Preparing for school to restart, buying uniforms and food for lunchboxes. Thinking about my upcoming holiday and making lists of things to buy and do before I go. Thinking about Christmas and what sort of presents I can make for my family and friends. And it goes on and on. So much to think about, and these are just domestic tomorrows!

I’ll be back tomorrow to announce who has won my August giveaway. Happy September to you all!

Tiny weeeny bit of a cheat

I told you I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo this month? Weeellll, I’ve got a bit of a busy day tomorrow, and the interwebs seem to have taken up too much of my time today, so I’m posting for August 4th now. The thing is, it is already the 4th, as I’ve not gone to bed yet and it’s just passed midnight , so officially I’m posting on the right day and not cheating, but I never feel like it’s the ‘following day’ until I’ve been to bed. So please forgive me for this slight bending of the spirit of the rules!

So, it’s a funny thing, this compulsion to blog. At least, being compelled by outside forces such as a contest. I’ve spent a large proportion of the last few days considering everything that passes my eyes in terms of whether it would be blogworthy. Also, you may have noticed that I’ve already written five posts in the first three days of the month. This was foolish. However, most posts were time sensitive by the nature of their content and needed to be written then.

I don’t think I’ve fully got the hang of blogging yet. At least, I’ve definitely not got the hang of blog optimisation. I lack the focus to write blog posts about one topic for long enough to build up a large readership. I lack the necessary humour to achieve high numbers of readers purely for my writing style, and I think that my life is just that little bit too ordinary to interest enough people to hang around long term. So, I’m never going to manage to make any money doing this. I think, having accepted that, I should be able to simply write all the random things that whizz through my head. But when I start to write posts like that, I come back to the age old problem of being too self conscious, worrying whether my few remaining readers might abandon me altogether, and worrying about people I know in real life thinking that I’m aiming comments at them. I’d love the creative flow and wit of Alexa at Flotsam, or NDM, both of whose posts I look forward to reading. I think that I need to try to overcome my fear of rejection, or criticism (if that is what this is) and start writing for me. I love those blogs whose writers seem to be inviting you to peek through the front windows of their houses (metaphorically speaking, please don’t have me arrested!). I love that they are brave enough to admit failings, witty enough to turn the most ordinary situation into a compelling tale, and generous enough to share aspects of their everyday lives with the world.

This is what I aspire to. But as I start to write posts like this, the ‘Deputy Downer’ part of my mind tells me that noone would be interested and so I hit delete.

Oh my, this started off with the full intention of being an upbeat post. I can only claim the lateness of the hour as a reason for my moping tone, and plead forgiveness (I seem to have been doing that a lot recently!). I promise that my next post will be a model in the ways of optimism, sharing at least one dark secret (umm, will have to think that over in the morning!) and full of family-friendly humour!

I’m off to bed.


In an effort to pick up my blogging again, I’ve decided to take part in NaBloPoMo for August. The (non-compulsory) theme is ‘Tomorrow’. I’ve got a few thoughts about this theme, so hopefully a proportion of my articles this month will be at least tenuously related to this topic!

To think about tomorrow is often to express hope for the future. Hope is optimistic by its very nature, and so I hope to have an optimistic month.

Thinking about “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow”, i.e. further into the future than simply the next twenty four hours, brings thoughts of craft projects I want to complete. It also brings the realisation that, for crafters at least, Christmas is not that far away!

Tomorrows in the near future hold the promise of more fruit gathering and bottling in various ways to last us through the winter. Hopefully, nearby tomorrows offer some dry days that will enable me to take the children out to some new places to explore. This month will also bear witness to my clearing out a lot of clutter, thereby bringing us closer of one of our major aims for our ‘tomorrows’ – the possibility of moving to a new home, with considerably more room.

What can you see on the horizon for your tomorrows, near and far?

Update on the convalescent home!

I had two boys home today; husband and youngest son. Thankfully, Handsome looks like he’s staying well – I hope that keeps up until at least after his birthday! Cheeky (youngest son) was just exhausted (as am I!) after being up for over an hour and a half last night. He got up at around half past eleven, coughing fit to burst, so I tried everything my fuzzy brain could think of – cough medicine, honey, warm drink, chocolate (most successful of the lot!) and then decided to put something that wouldn’t interest him on the television in the hopes that he would fall asleep on my lap and I could carry him back to bed. FYI, it is extremely hard to find something to watch which is dull for him but interesting enough to keep me awake, without watching something which would be unsuitable. In the end, I decided to put on an episode of the ‘West Wing’ (series 2, in case you were wondering!). Well, was that a mistake! Inadvertently, I had found a winner when it came to my son; apparently my four year old is extremely interested in American political dramas, and was completely hooked for the entire two episodes we watched (asking pertinent questions, and everything!). Eventually, at the end of the second episode, he woke me up (I fell asleep about ten minutes before the end) and said, “Mummy, shall I put you to bed now?!”, which I thought was about the mosst civilised idea he’d had for a while (it was one o’clock in the morning by this point). We did do it the right way round though – I thought it would be a little cruel of me to leave him to find his own way to bed after seeing me safely tucked up, so I saw him snugly wrapped up with teddy bears around him and then climbed wearily into my own bed.

I’m still not sure how I managed to get out of bed this morning – probably only because GG was in a much worse state than me! I managed to find clean (and co-ordinating!) clothes (including a skirt, which will shock those of you that know me!), and got the boys to school and myself to work. Although I did have a hair-raising episode on the bus, due to a formula-one wannabe bus driver. As I was saying, I got myself and my thermos cup of tea to work, only to be informed by GG two hours later that Cheeky had been sent home ill, as he was too tired to concentrate on his work (bless!). He had been fine at breakfast and on the walk into school, but the tiredness obviously hit him mid morning and he needed to come home and sleep. So, I took flexi-time, not wanting to think of my two poor sick menfolk being home alone.

The rest of today has mainly consisted of us all taking turns to nap (except aforementioned ruggedly healthy Handsome, bless him and his tea-making abilities!) and then holding each other up. GG and Cheeky still have coughs, and GG will be going to the doctor tomorrow as his chest is giving him a fair amount of pain whenever he coughs or sneezes – I’d like to rule out any sort of infection. Cheeky will be spending the last two days of term at home, which fortunately he’s not too upset about. I’m surprised, given that there are various Easter activities planned for the next couple of days that he will be missing out on. However, it will give him a chance to recuperate and find his appetite.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and actually eating loads of fruit and veggies, in the strong hope that I don’t pick up this latest set of germs. I’m tired right now, but don’t feel at all ill, which is a new and pleasant feeling for me this year! Anyway, on that note, I’m switching off my computer, doing four rows of my knitting and then going to bed. This was going to be a short post, but life never turns out the way you expect, does it!

  • **BY THE WAY…My Mum is taking part in NaBloPoMo this month, with a theme of growing (up). She has a series of posts planned about her childhood and adolescence, which I really look forward to reading, so pop on over if you get a chance (and say hello while you’re there, and that I sent you!). Her first post is about her early childhood, and the fact that she was born six weeks before the Second World War broke out – imagine that from my grandmother’s point of view – six week old twins and your husband joins up to go to war. I can’t imagine how I’d cope with the stress of looking after the children on my own (and she had an older brother as well), let alone the worry for my husband.

NaBloPoMo day 30 – I made it!!

Here it is, the last day of NaBloPoMo ’08, and I’ve posted every single day! Yay me! So NaNoWriMo didn’t quite happen, but I managed this, so I’m proud! I’ve also got quite a long way into my Christmas preparations, so all in all, a good month has been had.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of composing a blog post every single day, as it forces me to sit quietly for a little while and reflect on my thoughts about the world (!) and on my progress. Which is a good thing. I think!

Also, well done to my mum, who has been doing NaBloPoMo with me, and, so long as she posts today, will also have risen to the challenge and reigns with me as a NaBloPoMo winner!

So this is a bit of a cheat of a post, posting to say that I’ve posted every day. I’ll try to think of something else to post about later on, but I just wanted to say woohoo! I made it!