Finding her feet

Well, her toes at any rate! Baby Sweetie has in the last couple of days decided that her feet are a couple of the best toys ever. Which is good this morning as she woke up more than an hour earlier than usual, and those built in toys have been keeping her very happy!


Not the best quality photo as it was taken in the half light on my phone, but you get the general idea.

By the way, I absolutely love those pyjamas on her. She had them in newborn size, and the boys and I loved the outfit so much we went back and bought it in 3-6 months size. I must confess I’m very tempted to go and see if Sainsburys has any in size 9-12 months to lengthen the joy!

No knitting today (but it was a good day despite that!)

I had a lovely day today, spending time in Cardiff with my friend Ellie, visiting bead and button shops and drinking huge amounts of hot chocolate! We went to the museum but unfortunately some of the exhibits were off limits, so we’re hoping to make a return visit at Easter when everything should be open to the public.

Unfortunately there were no pancakes in my Shrove Tuesday. Instead there was birthday cake – it was my sister in law’s birthday today, and I’m pleased to report that she loved her presents. From Handsome she had jelly babies and chocolate toffee eclairs, and from Cheeky she received this;

A bracelet and earrings set that he designed himself and partially made – I just helped with bending the pins into loops at the ends, but other than that it was all his work! Well done Cheeky!

Lovely Stratford Upon Avon

I’ve just had a lovely weekend away with my husband in Stratford Upon Avon. It was his idea, and completely booked by him, so I was very spoiled!

We stayed in a gorgeous five star guest house called Cherry Trees. It was really conveniently located, just over a footbridge from the main town and the Royal Shakespeare Company theatres. On our arrival, they couldn’t do more to make us feel welcome.

Even though it was nearer dinner time than afternoon tea, a tray with a pot of tea, scones and jam was brought to our room. Our breakfast order was taken so that it would be ready at the time we specified that we’d like the meal. Our room was beautiful as well.

A lovely old fashioned four poster bed, living room area with comfy chairs and a chaise longue. We even had our own private conservatory with two more comfy armchairs and tea and coffee making facilities (including a little fridge with milk, filtered water and chocolate!). We also had access to a small garden with a pond and water features.

I couldn’t recommend this guesthouse more. It was fabulous service, a fabulous location, and a lovely comfortable room. If you’re visiting the area, see if they have any vacancies. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

More soon, including the town, the theatre and the eateries!

Dooce’s latest photo

I’ve just come from my blog reader, and I wanted to point you at this photo that Dooce posted recently of her dog. It made me giggle, and then brought memories back of our dog which we had whilst I was growing up. He was the sweetest dog, with a lovely temperament (he was a golden retriever). Sometimes, being only a child, I’d attempt to dress him up in a scarf and hat, or put his paws into slippers, or balance sunglasses on his face. He’d put up with it in a very patient way, but he’d have the most embarrassed look on his face that it’s possible for a dog to have! The look of ‘what have they done to me’ that is in Dooce’s dog’s eyes really brought that back! My dog would put up with the scarf/hat/sunglasses for a while, and then would dip his head, or lie down and knock it off as if to say “enough is enough”!

I’ve got some great memories of playing with our dog from when we had him when I was nine years old, and I sometimes feel quite sad that it’s unlikely that my children will experience that suring their childhoods.

Gloves are done!

Thanks to a Cardiff Knitters meeting last night and lots of hot chocolate, I managed to stay focussed long enough to finish Handsome’s Gryffindor Gloves. He very proudly and happily wore them to school this morning. I just hope that the cheap acrylic yarn (remember, using yarn from my stash rather than buying new!) will keep his little hands warm enough. They certainly inspired him to fly on his broomstick most of the way to school, so I must have done something right!

And while I was at the meeting, I got bored by knitting so I switched to crochet for a while and made this;

You can see how small it is when you look at the size of the pins which I’m using to block it. (Blocking is the process by which you get lacey items to achieve the shape you want after you’ve made them. I used spray starch on this ornament so that, once it has dried, it should stay fairly firm unless it gets damp again.) I love these little lace projects – they fulfil my instant gratification thing, and are pretty to look at! Plus, this is item nunber one done for Christmas 2010!

Another wintry walk!

We made the most of the sunny day and went down to the local lake again today. It was much harder to stay upright today, since lots of the snow on the pavements has now turned to ice. I felt exhausted by the time we got home just from the sheer effort of staying on my feet! I’ve got a couple more pictures to share with you before my fingers actually turn to icicles and snap right off!

These frost flowers were on one of my car windows.

The lake was still frozen solid, so the birds were all very glad of any food thrown to them. We chose to throw our bread to the smaller birds in the trees and bushes at the side of the lake, as I expect they don’t get so much attention. Plus, I’m hoping that my robin friend (the one in my header) will have found some of it!

If you want to do a full circuit of the lake, you have no option but to cross this footbridge. Now, it worries some people enough on fine days, given that there’s no handrail. So you can imagine that today, we crossed it very gingerly indeed! I love the shape of the bridge. So much more interesting than a straight bridge!

New header!

I hope you like my new header image – the photo is of a friend I made on my walk this morning!