About Me

“I’m Jennie, married (to Gadget Guy, or GG) with two children who will be referred to here as Handsome and Cheeky. I have been feeling that my brain was starting to go soft as the majority of the conversation I have is with people who still believe in Father Christmas and who believe that the biggest tragedy in life is being denied pudding! With this in mind, I decided to start a blog to express some of my thoughts and interests. I also want to reconnect with old friends who I haven’t paid enough attention to in recent years, and also maybe pick up a few new friends along the way.”

I wrote the above paragraph nearly three years ago, and I think it’s about time that I upgrade my mini-bio to its own page, and expand upon it a little. So here we are!

In addition to the above information, I am at liberty to tell you that I am now (just) a thirty-something, and I have now (just) come to terms with that fact. I had very few pre-conceptions of where I would be by this age, which is good as I’ve no disappointments!

I’m a law graduate, and just managed to leave university before presenting the world with my first-born, Handsome, although I didn’t quite manage to get my exams, or my wedding (to, I suspect, the eternal dismay of my long-suffering parents!) out of the way before his arrival. My final exams were completed when he was four months old (and teething), and the wedding had to wait until he was nearly a year and a half old and plenty big enough to be an extremely cute page boy.

GG and I are now coming up to our seventh wedding anniversary in September, although we have been a couple for much longer than that; we celebrate thirteen years in November. We were quite surprised to recently work out that we’ve actually been married now for longer than we were just ‘going out’, as those last years in education and then the run up to the wedding seemed to pass much more slowly than the more recent years have. Maybe that’s what being parents has done for us!

There is a three year age gap between my children. This was planned. Actually, I wanted a three year and one month age gap, to allow the birthdays to fall in separate pay packets. This would have happened had all gone according to plan, but Cheeky ruined things by putting in an appearance two and a half weeks early (he tells me he was born nosey) and so I now have children whose 21st and 18th birthdays will be two weeks apart. Not good! However, Cheeky seems to enjoy waiting to see what his big brother gets for his birthday and then amending his birthday request list to include any omissions, so I suppose it suits them!

As you will realise if you read my blog for more than just a couple of entries, I enjoy a variety of different activities. I am the archetypal Gemini, flitting like a butterfly from one thing to another. And that is how I am happiest. I permanently have at least five craft projects on the go. To just mention the last twenty four hours, I have worked on a knitted item for a friend, done a dozen rows of a knitted dishcloth, started a crocheted bag made from recycled materials, studied a pattern for the jumper I’m making for handsome, designed a fascinator in my head which needs to be made in the coming week and considered what I might make as Christmas presents. I’d hate to be tied down to one craft, or even one project at a time. I think it would make me miserable. In the same vein, I enjoy flitting between musical genres and even instruments. Right now I’m listening to a CD of harp music played by Catrin Finch. Earlier, I was belting out the songs of ABBA from “Mamma Mia!”. In our home we have a saxophone, a trumpet, a half sized guitar, a half sized violin, two recorders and various percussion instruments, not to mention the instruments (electric acoustic guitar, violin, two clarinets, keyboard) available to us at my parents’ house. The point of these lists is, I hope, to paint a picture of my personality rather than to claim greater musicality or talent at crafting than I have! Think either butterfly or two year old child, and either would fairly accurately indicate my attention span.

Anyway, having obviously more than exceeded my own attention span with this (not so) mini bio, I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your day. I hope that you find something interesting and/or useful on my blog; any (pleasant) suggestions for future comment will be happily received and considered, and please come and visit me again. I like visitors! I’ve even been known to make cake for my friends, from time to time (bribery and corruption, moi? Absurd!).

July 31, 2009

4 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I hope it is OK to make contact via a comment, as you have no contact page per se.

    I’m working on behalf of the RSPCA to help encourage supermarkets to do more for animal welfare. I thought you and your readers may be interested in helping.

    For the first time ever, the RSPCA Good Business Awards is open to the public through the People’s Choice Supermarket award which means that people can vote for the supermarket they think is doing the most for animal welfare.

    Further information on the award and the achievements of each of the shortlisted supermarkets is available at http://bit.ly/rspcapeopleschoice.

    I hope you can help – please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

    Many thanks

    Stefan, on behalf of RSPCA

  2. Hi Stefan,

    I’m not sure in what capacity you’d like me to help. I’d be happy to blog about the awards, and am always interested in learning more! I’m e-mailing you now.

  3. Love your little blog! Mind if I add you to my blog roll.

  4. Not at all – thanks for the compliment!

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