Snowing again

It’s snowing again. The first I knew of it was when I looked out the window and saw snowflakes the size of snowballs falling past my living room window. Some cherubs in the sky are having a little fun with us, methinks! So I rushed outside and took the above picture of my car, in an attempt to capture the size of the snowflakes. The enormous blobs of white aren’t a distortion, the snowflakes really are that big!)As you can see, Tallulah (my car, don’t judge me) is already losing her gorgeous turquoise hues (the colour of the season, apparently, so my car is totally on trend for Spring 2010!) in favour of a fluffy white coat. It’s only five minutes since I took that photo, and already her white coat has doubled or more in thickness.

I had to laugh though, as when I came back in from my impromptu photo session, my BBC news alert flashed up on my screen to tell me that south and east Wales should expect some more heavy snow. Well, duh!

My mum once told me that in Norway, such large snowflakes heralded the beginning or end of a significant snowfall. The snowflakes have got smaller now, although I can’t tell if the ground is too wet for it to settle. I’ll keep you posted!

A visit to the local park

Near to where we live is a very small park, often overlooked other than by those who live very near to it. It’sĀ  generally very peaceful when I’ve been there in the spring and summertime, so I thought today would be a nice time to visit and see what it looks like in the snow. By walking through the park, you can access a path down to the river Rhymney, and the Rhymney River Trail.

I wasn’t disappointed, it was beautiful up there today. Here are some photos from our walk.

Snow encrusted gates of Rumney Hill Gardens

Even the footpath is almost undiscoverable!

Even in the midst of all the snow, the bulbs are peeking through, giving hope for Spring!

River Rhymney

The woods beneath Rumney Hill Gardens

More snow. Kids home. What to do with them…?

Well, I couldn’t have the kids getting bored, so…I put them to work!

In the spirit of community, umm, thingy, I decided it would be a good idea to clear the path in front of our flats before it gets icy. But, why have a dog and bark yourself? Or, to alter the metaphor, why have children and then let them watch you work? Exactly.

You can see they’re really putting their backs into it! And it kept them warm, so it was really in their best interests!

More about our morning in the snow a little later…there’s something to look forward to!

Snow day again?

We’re playing the waiting game again at the moment, trying to find out if the school will be open or shut. I’d be surprised if they opened it, given that Cardiff Bus have decided that the road past the school isn’t safe for the buses to use. Also, I’m supposed to be going to Llandough Hospital today. That’s not going to happen, given that I don’t feel happy driving there with my arms being weaker than they should be and the bus to the hospital isn’t at present running.

More snowman building, anyone?

ETA** School’s shut. Snow’s still falling. Woohoo!

On tenterhooks…

I’m on tenterhooks this evening, wondering if we will have any more snow overnight. Will the school be open tomorrow? Will the kids ever finish their Christmas holiday? To be honest, given that I’ve not got to go to work I’m quite happy if the kids stay home. It just means no rushing round for me in the morning, and the opportunity to stay in the (relatively) warm of my home. However, if school’s shut again tomorrow I think I’ll make an effort to do something educational with them (more than the half hearted reading session I had with Cheeky on Friday, anyway! I might even get to a bit of maths, won’t that be exciting!).

New header!

I hope you like my new header image – the photo is of a friend I made on my walk this morning!


We woke up this morning to our first proper snow for a good year. I think we probably had about 4 inches, which was plenty for a nice snowman! The boys had a day off as the school was shut so it was all hands on a snowy deck.

The scarf doesn’t quite meet round his neck, and the hat’s a bit small, but the general effect is there!

I hope you’re all enjoying your snow day, and that it’s not causing too much unwanted disruption!