Plans for 2013

I know I’m a little late to this party, but that seems to be the way it is at the moment! Time is flying by so fast, I’m missing all sorts of things. For example, a very good friend had her birthday one month and five days ago (you know who you are!) and I’ve yet to send her her birthday parcel. She’s going to have a lovely late spring surprise at this rate! The daft thing is that I had almost everything I wanted to send ahead of time, and then the days got away from me and I didn’t do it. It’s OK, I do realise how rubbish I am!

So, plans for the remaining ten and a half months of the year include;

1. Holiday – don’t know where, don’t know when but we will have a change of scenery and see somewhere new this year!

2. Redecorate Sweetie’s room before she moves in. Her cot is in our room at the moment, and I think will be for a little while. We need to work out how to put up a curtain rail, as there is no space between the top of the window frame and the ceiling. I sorted out everything in her room this last week though so there’s no rubbish in there any more! However, I still need to decide on a room layout and colour scheme.

3. Get a new kitchen sink. We have one of those beige plastic kitchen sinks at the moment, and since we moved in I’ve wanted to swap it for a stainless steel one. I can’t dye yarn easily until I do, as it would wreck our current sink. Our plumber should be coming out to replace a radiator soon though, so I’ll ask him about it then.

4. Fitness – improve it! I was almost immobile during the last few months of my pregnancy last year, and then it took longer than last time for the pain to go away. On the whole things seem to be more or less back to normal now, so I’m very slowly improving my fitness levels. I aim to go out for walks more as the weather improves, and I always run up the stairs (except when I’m carrying the baby of course!). Baby steps, but it’s slowly slowly paying off.

5. Get my Etsy shop back up and running. I’m planning and working on items for my shop at the moment. I hope to go back to the craft market later in the Spring too, if they have room for me! But I want to revamp my stall completely, so I need to work on that for the next couple of months.

6. Enjoy my kids. They are all three of them growing and changing before my eyes, and I don’t want to miss a minute! Well, maybe the odd minute here or there to go to knit night or Wonderwool Wales, but you get the general gist!

So, these are my overall goals. I’ve got more specific ones, such as improving my baking, or certain projects I want to make. Hopefully I’ll find time to talk more about these as and when they happen.

Baby Sweetie eight (and a half!) month update

Where does the time go? So many times I think about blogging but something always happens to stop me. Mainly, at the moment, something about a foot and a half tall with a cheeky little smile! Baby Sweetie is sprouting up, but strongly dislikes it when I try to do anything other than play with her or ply her with food.

I meant to do monthly updates about her, if only to remind ourselves of how fast she has grown. Alas, that too has gone by the wayside somewhat. So, in brief, she is eight and a half months old already. She is interacting with everyone wonderfully, and is becoming quite vocal. She says ‘ta’ every time she wants something, or wants to accept something she has been offered. She will say ‘na na’ for night night when she or someone else goes to bed. In mobility, she isn’t trying to crawl yet, but if we put her on her back she will roll around the floor to travel. She knows exactly what she wants and will manoeuvre into quite tight spaces to get things!


I bought her some Winnie the Pooh board books and she really loves them. Here she is studying one while I make the dinner (or cookies. There have been lots of cookies recently!).

During January she got three more teeth, bringing her up to a grand total of six. This has made her a bit less happy than she usually is, but we still get wonderful smiles and chuckles. She’s very ticklish, especially by her jaw and her tummy and ribs. She loves that we all make a fuss of her feet when she is stripped down for nappy changes, and looks for her brothers to come and kiss her toes!


Just look how gorgeous she is! Who could resist that smile!

Crafter in waiting

Baby Sweetie has discovered my retractable tape measure and it’s her new best thing ever.

I’ll have her finger knitting by Easter!


I had plans to be busy this afternoon, but then this happened;


Sweetie was miserable and unsettled this afternoon, and as GG couldn’t get her to sleep I offered to calm her down. Seems to have worked!

Mind you, it looks like it’s contagious – GG’s now asleep in his new chair with his mouth open. We must be getting old!

I’m working on a hat for my niece at the moment, as well as dungarees for baby Sweetie. The dungarees are all but finished, they only need buttons and decorating. Both the dungarees and hat are my own patterns. I’m enjoying coming up with ideas to design for the babies, although it’d take me months to work through all the ideas I’ve been jotting down recently. Especially if I spend many more afternoons like this one!


I like mornings more than I used to. Of course, it helps that I wake up to this view;


Not the best photo as, again, it was taken on my phone. But sometimes even a poor photo is good if it brings back happy memories. This one will certainly do that in years to come. The memory of that pretty little face smiling over at me from her crib beside my bed is already so precious.

She’s so good in the morning. She wakes up smiling, and waits patiently for us to talk to her. Then she has a little play while I drink my first cup of tea. Only then do we get her up and start the changing and feeding. She’s such an easy baby. It’s so nice to have a little time to wake up in the morning rather than having to go from fast asleep to fully operational in half a minute!


And now for a happier post!

Two weeks ago we celebrated baby Sweetie’s baptism. It was in the same church as both of our sons were baptised, and where we got married. We were lucky enough to have had the same minister officiating at all of the services as well. Father David is so lovely, and so I’m really glad that he ‘dipped’ all three of them!

Lots of our friends came to share the day, which I found really touching. For some reason I didn’t quite expect people to make an effort to turn out for a christening, I’m not sure why! The church was nice and full, and we held a lunch in the church hall afterwards. We decided to spoil ourselves and had caterers to do the main food. We hired Apex Catering and they were absolutely fabulous. Two people came and served a hot carvery buffet to around forty-five of us. Everyone complimented the food, and I would definitely use that firm again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the buffet. Perhaps someone else managed to get one before it was demolished!

I spent a large part of Friday and Saturday baking. As we were hiring caterers to provide the meal, I wanted to contribute something that I had made. It started off as just a Christening cake. Then it was a cake and a few cupcakes. Then I added in gluten free cupcakes as four of our guests (including Sweetie’s Godmother and her mother and sister) have coeliac disease. Then I couldn’t choose between two designs for the main cake so I decided to do one normal one and one gluten free. All in all, quite a lot of cake!

Here’s the main Christening cake;

This was the gluten free version;

I had a lot of fun learning to make sugar roses for the main cake, and playing with all the food colouring and fondant icing. I was pleased with the results too, and I’m looking forward to trying out some more cake decorating. Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity at Christmas time to have a play!

Finding her feet

Well, her toes at any rate! Baby Sweetie has in the last couple of days decided that her feet are a couple of the best toys ever. Which is good this morning as she woke up more than an hour earlier than usual, and those built in toys have been keeping her very happy!


Not the best quality photo as it was taken in the half light on my phone, but you get the general idea.

By the way, I absolutely love those pyjamas on her. She had them in newborn size, and the boys and I loved the outfit so much we went back and bought it in 3-6 months size. I must confess I’m very tempted to go and see if Sainsburys has any in size 9-12 months to lengthen the joy!