Six weeks old

I can’t believe that Baby Sweetie is six weeks old already – it’s gone so incredibly fast. And she has already changed and adapted to ‘outside life’ so much. Her feeds have settled down to every three or so hours, I’m starting to learn when she needs long naps, and she has been sleeping through the night for a little while now. She’s slept through every night this week, and more nights than not the week before that. So fingers crossed she’ll stay like that now! She generally has her last feed between ten and eleven, and then falls asleep any time between straight away and an hour later. But then she has been sleeping all the way until between seven and eight, so GG and I are getting that precious chunk of sleep which makes us feel so much more human the following day! I expect that it’s been especially helpful for GG given that he’s been back at work for a week and a half now, and doesn’t really want to feel like falling asleep mid-afternoon in the office! He has joked about booking a meeting room for an hour, shutting the blinds and taking a nap, but I imagine that might be frowned upon!

Sweetie is beginning to have longer ‘happy times’ when she’s awake and ready to play and interact. She definitely recognises GG and I as well as her brothers – whenever Handsome or Cheeky walk into the room she’s immediately watching them move and wriggling excitedly if they come towards her. Which they inevitably do because they both adore her! There has been no annoyance or resentment of the baby from either of them; on the contrary she’s the only person who has ever been able to make them happily leave the computer or the TV or whatever games they’re in the middle of – if I tell them that she wants a brother, they come running to do her bidding – I wonder how long that will last!

Both Handsome and Cheeky have changed a nappy – willingly as well! I think they’re looking forward to the time when she gets solid food so that they can help out with feeding her too. They’ve been really lovely about helping out – always happy to stop what they’re doing to go and fetch something for me or do something which can’t wait. They’ve made this whole time so much easier for me, and I think both Sweetie and I look forward to them coming home from school each day!

She has rocketed from a respectable 7lbs 10.5oz to 10lbs 15oz (as of yesterday afternoon), gaining 3lbs 4.5oz in six weeks. Lengthways she is filling her 0-3 month outfits, whilst widthways she is working very hard on some very nice rolls and creases on her arms and legs! She is a strong little girl; she has been holding up her head and moving it around for some time now, and when she’s in a bad mood she has the strength to support her weight on her legs if she feels the need to stand up and shout a protest into my face!

We are gradually building a routine, starting to learn when she needs naps and at what points through the day she’ll feed. Getting her off to sleep can still be problematic – this morning she took more than an hour of grizzling to get to sleep, only had a short nap then woke up for a feed, and has since fallen asleep on my shoulder – but hopefully as we settle into a routine she’ll find it easier to fall asleep without intensive rocking, walking, singing and back-patting.

This last week we have seen her first smiles. I think the boys have had far more than their fair share, but I suppose I’ll get over it in time! It is such a joyous thing to see her smile, and I’m glad that they’ll only get more frequent as she gets older. I’m looking forward to catching one of these early smiles on camera.

The coming weeks should be good with lots to look forward to; more smiles, first giggles, greater interaction. Not to mention more predictability so that it will be easier for me to plan ahead.

Well, that’s only taken me two hours to write, with frequent breaks for feeding, winding, changing and pacing up and down the hallway! Who knew life could be so much fun!


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your new little girl! Six weeks is a wonderful age and it’s great that she’s sleeping through the night as well. I loved reading about how her brothers interact with her. So sweet! 🙂

  2. Well, that’s only taken me two hours to write, with frequent breaks for feeding, winding, changing and pacing up and down the hallway!
    So that was you, what about the baby?


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