And now for a happier post!

Two weeks ago we celebrated baby Sweetie’s baptism. It was in the same church as both of our sons were baptised, and where we got married. We were lucky enough to have had the same minister officiating at all of the services as well. Father David is so lovely, and so I’m really glad that he ‘dipped’ all three of them!

Lots of our friends came to share the day, which I found really touching. For some reason I didn’t quite expect people to make an effort to turn out for a christening, I’m not sure why! The church was nice and full, and we held a lunch in the church hall afterwards. We decided to spoil ourselves and had caterers to do the main food. We hired Apex Catering and they were absolutely fabulous. Two people came and served a hot carvery buffet to around forty-five of us. Everyone complimented the food, and I would definitely use that firm again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the buffet. Perhaps someone else managed to get one before it was demolished!

I spent a large part of Friday and Saturday baking. As we were hiring caterers to provide the meal, I wanted to contribute something that I had made. It started off as just a Christening cake. Then it was a cake and a few cupcakes. Then I added in gluten free cupcakes as four of our guests (including Sweetie’s Godmother and her mother and sister) have coeliac disease. Then I couldn’t choose between two designs for the main cake so I decided to do one normal one and one gluten free. All in all, quite a lot of cake!

Here’s the main Christening cake;

This was the gluten free version;

I had a lot of fun learning to make sugar roses for the main cake, and playing with all the food colouring and fondant icing. I was pleased with the results too, and I’m looking forward to trying out some more cake decorating. Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity at Christmas time to have a play!


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