I had plans to be busy this afternoon, but then this happened;


Sweetie was miserable and unsettled this afternoon, and as GG couldn’t get her to sleep I offered to calm her down. Seems to have worked!

Mind you, it looks like it’s contagious – GG’s now asleep in his new chair with his mouth open. We must be getting old!

I’m working on a hat for my niece at the moment, as well as dungarees for baby Sweetie. The dungarees are all but finished, they only need buttons and decorating. Both the dungarees and hat are my own patterns. I’m enjoying coming up with ideas to design for the babies, although it’d take me months to work through all the ideas I’ve been jotting down recently. Especially if I spend many more afternoons like this one!


3 Responses

  1. Just keep on scribbling down your notes as your ideas occur, the time will come, eventually, when you’ll be delighted to have the reminder!

  2. I have a fab diary that my husband gave me which has a week to view on one side and lined paper on the other. So all my ideas get put in that. Hopefully I won’t lose it!

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