Our Christmas card crafting

stitched star card stitched santa card 

stitched tree card

For a start, these are three cards made by Handsome. He was very proud of himself (and rightly so, I think!) as this was his first attempt at any form of stitching. They were all very well received. I found the template at this website.

 tree card glitter star card

These two were made by Cheeky. The tree card was made out of hand prints, an idea I copied from here. The star was just traced round a cookie cutter with glue and then had glitter shaken over it.

embossed angel card

This card was made by Handsome, and again, was a first for him. I also got the idea of tinwork from a blog I found recently, but if you’ll forgive me I’m not going to share where I saw it today as I want to make another tinwork item as a gift. The angel was made out of a drink can which Handsome inscribed with the pattern you can (just about) see. He’s really looking forward to giving it to his Auntie later in the week.

Finally, here are the cards that we all made for Jo. Handsome’s effort is first;

stitched pig card

Again, it is a stitched card, although this time we made the template ourselves. While it may not, at first glance appear very Christmassy, if you know Jo, you’ll appreciate how apt it is!

Here is the second one, produced by Cheeky;

collage pig card

Another pig-themed, but with a Christmassy twist with the collage papers used!

Finally, here’s my effort;

bailey and brini xmas card

This is, for those of you not in the know, a photo of Bailey (right, a boar) and Brini (left, a gilt), both of whom belong to Jo. I, of course, made and added the santa hats to the photo. As soon as I took the picture a couple of months ago, I had it in my mind to make a Christmas card out of it. It provoked much hilarity when it was opened by Jo and B last night!

So, this is the limit of what you are going to see, this side of Christmas! Thanks to those websites that have inspired my creativity; I shall be searching again at the next crafting opportunity, I am sure!


4 Responses

  1. Darling cards. That pig is too cute. Thanks for the link.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! Bailey wants to know if you’ll knit him a full sized hat….!

  3. […] Piggie Christmas cards! Published 16 December 2008 There’s more to life than animal poo Tags: christmas Jennie and her brood hand-made some truly fantastic Christmas cards for B and I and you can see the photos she took of them over at her blog. […]

  4. Fantastic cards. I shall have to go check out the websites and make some with my girls.

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