Another Christmas song (maybe not one for the children!)

So, back before Christmas I told you about my youngest son’s attempt to sing an unknown Christmas carol, with the most unlikely words. Well, his vocabulary is excellent for someone his age but he does make funny slips sometimes, and whilst singing ‘Jingle Bells’ he had one such slip. He can’t read yet, although he is well on his way with learning his key words at school, and so he has learned all the songs he knows by listening and repeating, with some funny results.

Here are the first two lines of ‘Jingle Bells’ as sung by my four year old son;

Dashing through the snow

On a one wh*re open sleigh…

Aaaargh! I have visions of him singing this at the top of his voice in school (he’s an enthusiastic singer, with powerful lungs when he chooses to exercise them!) and then all the other children taking the new words home and singing them to their parents, who may not be quite so understanding of a slip of understanding as we have learned to become! We have managed to convince him that this is not quite the orthodox version of the lyrics, and so he has now amended it to sing “a one door open sleigh” which, while still slightly off, is not quite so offensive as his original version!

Ah, children, you’ve got to love them! They really are constant sources of amusement for me!


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