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A Christmas Carol for our time

Courtesy of Cheeky, my four year old son;

Thank you, Enemy Father,

Lemon, Vitamin C



He has been singing this, much to our amusement and to the accompaniment of the laughter of our whole family, for the last week and a half! We have no idea whether it is supposed to be a real hymn, or whether he has made it up himself, based on the sounds of words that he likes!

If anyone can cast a light on the words that he should have been singing, please do! Although we love his version, and don’t intend to correct him! Thus far we guess that the first line should read “Thank you, Heavenly Father”, but don’t have many ideas as to what the second line should be.

I’m sure I didn’t laugh nearly as much before I was a mother!

In a similar vein, when talking about the cold weather, Handsome (my seven year old son) recently suggested that we should all wear ear muffins in order to protect ourselves from potential earache! I love that! They will forever after be ear muffins to me now!


2 Responses

  1. Ear Muffins in our house too 😀 Even Daddy’s big headphones are called Ear Muffins which makes me giggle.

    Love Cheeky’s song. No idea what that second line is but it sounds a perfect cold cure recipe. 🙂

  2. Haven’t got a clue what he could be singing but it makes for a great story!!! 😀

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