Updates on the neighbours…and it’s good news!

I forgot that I haven’t filled you in on the developments with our neighbours in a while. Well, the situation has vastly improved. The top floor neighbours scarpered, taking half the fittings in the flat with them if one of my other neighbours is to be believed (including, apparently, pipework to be sold for scrap metal – awesome). Since then we’ve had a single girl with a young baby move in, and I’ve not heard a peep out of her or any friends of hers who have visited other than the front door being closed. Mr and Mrs Screamy and five year old Miss Screamy, who lived directly overhead have moved out too. I’m sad for the little girl as apparently the elder Screamies have split up, but then given the amount of arguments we heard it was hardly surprising. Although the number and frequency of arguments had died down in recent months – the calm before the storm, maybe? And as they owned their flat, no-one else has moved in as yet. The eternal pessimist in me is wondering how long it will be before one or other of them starts bringing home one night stands they’ve picked up in Cardiff bars, but really I’m just enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasts! It’s just like the good old days when we first moved in, when this really was a lovely peaceful part of Cardiff to live!

Oh dear, I do sound old!


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  1. Woop woop! 😀

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