A good day (despite the depressing weather!)

Today was a good day. I generally like Tuesdays anyway as I get to spend most of the day with my Mum and Dad, something which I value a lot after living away from them for the better part of ten years.

We did the weekly food shopping and we made our donations to the Haiti disaster relief appeal. Then we spent a quiet afternoon in the house and I worked on my jumper. After fetching the children from school, I managed to finish the second sleeve and start sewing the pieces together in preparation to knit the collar – I’m nearly done! It will only be the second jumper I’ve made myself, so I’m excited to have it finished as soon as possible!

I always go to my Google blog reader first when I go online, and I was happy to read Ysolda’s post about how she decided to donate a percentage of the sales of her patterns for this month to the charity, Medecins Sans Frontiers to help with their Haitian appeal. Initally she was donating 50%, but due to the overwhelming response of knitters to her generosity, she has sold more than she ever imagined and has been able to raise the percentage to a whopping 80%! She has already been able to donate more than £3700 to the appeal, which, as she pointed out, is far more than she would have been able to donate on her own. So, I’ve just bought the Ishbel shawl pattern  now, as it’s one I’ve been eyeing up for a while! Ravelry have a list of patterns whose designers are donating some of the proceeds of the sales to Haiti, and apparently some people have been buying the patterns as gifts for knitting and crocheting friends (not that I’m hinting!!).

And now I’m off to work a little more on my jumper before I head to bed. Goodnight!


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