Dead at your age

I noticed this on the S.E.V.E.N. blog, and thought it was so bizarre, I really have to share it with you! tells you which people of note through the years you have outlived! Go and have a go! I found out that I’ve just outlived Ruth Ellis, a woman who was the last to be executed in England after she killed her abusive boyfriend. Well, that’s good to know then! Who have you recently outlived?

A macabre but strangely compelling website. Come back and let me know who it threw up for you!


Cycling in Cardiff

I’ve recently taken up cycling again. The only time I remember feeling completely happy with my figure was when I was cycling almost every evening in my mid-teens, so as my doctor has recommended low-impact exercise for me I thought that cycling could be the way to go. Walking is not for me, not for the purposes of exercise anyway, as I’m too impatient and want to travel faster, so getting on my bike makes far more sense. I’ll have a much wider range of places to go as I can cover far greater distances, and I can save a little bit of petrol as well. My good friend Hannah (who you can see here dressed as Scarecrow) bought me a wicker basket for the front of my bike, so I’ve no excuse when I just need a couple of bits and pieces from the supermarket – I can just hop on the bike and get out in the (relatively) fresh air for a bit. I think I may have mentioned before about all the gadgets that I have on my bike. Well, tomorrow I plan to fit my cycle computer, so that I can track how many miles I do each week, and hopefully see an upwards climb in the distance I cover.

(My soundtrack as I’m cycling around has been ‘Bicycle Race’ by Queen. I don’t take an MP3 player out with me, I can just hear it in my head every time I get on the bike, especially the following verse;

Bicycle races are coming your way
So forget all your duties oh yeah
Fat bottomed girls they’ll be riding today
So look out for those beauties oh yeah
On your marks get set go
Bicycle race bicycle race bicycle race

I can’t imagine why – can’t be anything at all to do with the fact that I’m cycling to lose weight as well as to get fitter :-). The other song which I can always hear is another Queen song – “Don’t Stop Me Now” – it’s my happy song, and I always can hear it in my head when I’m especially contented or excited about something I’m doing.)

The ride to my parents’ house is a good one on a bike. They live almost exactly two miles away, and there are a few up and downhills on the way there (only one serious hill though), and as I like to visit them a couple of evenings each week, that four mile round trip will be a really good starting ground for my new exercise regime. I can feel that I may start even to make myself feel guilty if I let myself drive over there in any but the worst weather now!

I’m actually quite excited about getting out on the bike more. I have waterproof trousers and jacket, so moderately wet weather needn’t bother me too much. And we have a bike rack for the car, so in theory I could go off and rather than worrying about turning round at the right time when I’d still have enough energy to get home, I could always phone my husband and ask him very nicely to come and find me and give me a lift home! I had thought that maybe one Saturday I could cycle into work and then go for a ride up the Taff Trail in the afternoon – he has already agreed to pick me up if I do something like that. Hmm, food for thought. I’ll have to start exploring good cycle routes a little further afield.

Having mentioned my desire to find safe places to cycle, I have been looking at the Sustrans website and the CTC website, and find that this area is really rather lacking in cycle paths. I know that for my journey into town I’m expected to share the footpath and then the bus lane (not too happy about the latter idea, and I don’t suppose that pedestrians would be too happy about the former!), but I wish that I lived nearer to a dedicated cycle route. However, for now I think I’ll have to stay in the quieter residential streets as much as I can, and avoid the roads with denser traffic.