Another night at the theatre

Last night, my mother and I went to St David’s Hall to see Anton du Beke and Erin Boag in their new show, ‘Steppin’ Out’. And it was fabulous! We had left it a little late to book tickets, and so ended up sitting in the choir stalls behind the stage, but we enjoyed it enormously despite that! And in fact, I think we had better seats than the people who were sitting in the high tiers at the back of the hall.

Anton and Erin were dancing to swing music in the main, and were accompanied by four more fantastic dancers and singer Graham Bickley. There were some ‘talky’ bits in between times, including a Q and A session in the second half. I think my favourite dance was either the tango, the dance to the music from ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ or maybe ‘Let’s Face the Music and Dance’ which was right at the end of the show. I think to narrow it down to just three possible favourites is fairly impressive!

The two hours of the show was over before we knew it, it really did go amazingly fast! I think Mum and I could happily have sat through a show twice as long, although maybe Anton and Erin would have been a little tired after a show that length!

Well, if they bring another show back to Cardiff, Mum and I will definitely be in the audience…and we’ll make sure to buy tickets earlier next time. There’s a Strictly Come Dancing show in the spring which we’re considering, as well as a Latin show starring Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova at the end of June. Depending on my mother’s globe trotting, if we’re lucky perhaps we’ll manage to go to both!

Strictly Come Dancing is back!

I’m watching the new series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘, and I think I’ve found a new dancing crush to replace Mark Ramprakash from two series’ ago – Tom Chambers, who is an actor in ‘Holby City’ – I’m with Arlene when admiring his hips! All the family enjoys sitting down on a Saturday evenings to watch ‘Strictly’, and love joining in the critiques after (and sometimes during, if we feel strongly enough!) each dance. Once the series has been going for a couple of weeks I generally get asked to dance each dance by my sons, and I have to alternate so as not to start a fight! We are much more adventurous than the couples on screen though, putting in lots of lifts and spins to our routines!

When ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ returns to the television it comes home to me that Christmas is around the corner, as the series will run right up until Christmas Day. It is making me think more about the Christmas cards I need to make. I think you might be seeing some crafting results soon.

[There’s lots of booing going on in my living room as the results for Phil Daniels are being announced at the moment – I’m raising hecklers!]

I’m planning some cross-stitch decorations for cards, as well as some stamps and Christmas printed materials being included in the designs. So, if you are on my Christmas Card list and want your card to be a surprise, don’t look too closely at my photos for the next few weeks unless they definitely don’t resemble stationery!

In the coming week I am looking forward to doing more daily doodles, especially as I’m thinking about getting outside to do at least one of my drawings. I look forward to getting clearer in my head about what I want to do in preparation for Christmas. I’m excited in anticipation of making my first jars of marmalade, and about making my annual batches of mincemeat!

But back to ‘Strictly’. More booing is going on at the moment while Don gets his results. We’re always for the underdog in this house! My husband, especially, is getting really into the booing, I have to say. He’s actually paying more attention to the programme than are the rest of us tonight, as the boys are playing a game in another room now and I’m writing this. I find it such a feel good programme, and I love Bruce Forsyth! It’s the only ‘reality’ tv programme that we watch, other than the three Andrew Lloyd Webber talent shows that have been on. But we’re not an ‘X-Factor’ family. If I had to pick any of the dancers to be, I’d be Karen Hardy, and if I could pick any of the dancers to dance with I’d be torn between the kindness of Anton du Beke and the passion of Brendan Cole! Hmm, time to sit in a quiet corner for a little while!