Out and about with baby Sweetie – IKEA Cardiff

As I said in a previous post, I’ve been trying to have a little trip out every day, even if only for a walk, since baby Sweetie arrived. One of the first trips was to IKEA.

We moved into our house four months ago, but I was able to do less and less as the weeks went by because of the problems I had in my pregnancy. So we’ve still got a fair bit of unpacking to do as well as furniture to buy.

GG had been eyeing up a POANG chair for some time and I had promised to buy him one for his birthday. So we decided to make a trip of it and get some lunch as well.

Sweetie needed feeding as soon as we arrived so I headed off to find the feeding area. It’s in the restaurant, tucked away behind the smaller cafe. There’s a partition, behind which is an armchair, a couple of side tables, a big clock on the wall and some toys in case you have an older child to entertain. There’s a bottle warmer in there too, although I’m not sure why you’d need privacy to bottle feed an infant and would have thought that could go out on the side where they have equipment for warming baby food.

I liked that there is a private area to sit which isn’t next to the nappy changing area or the toilets – no matter how clean, those places still whiff of dirty nappy, and I’ve got no wish to sit in that for half an hour or more! I liked that someone had been thoughtful enough to include the little tables and the toys. I appreciated the clock as I always like to keep an eye on when and for how long I’m feeding.

I would have liked it if the cubicle had been a little bigger. I had my buggy with me and so once that was next to me, GG had to get a chair from outside and sit by the entrance as there was no room for him in the feeding area. And I wish that they had picked a chair with better back support as the chair had a very sloping back which made feeding Sweetie quite uncomfortable. Oh, and I wish I’d thought to go and get my free cup of tea with my Family Card before I sat down to feed!

All in all, IKEA was an easy place to take the baby. The food is cheap, although I guess that’s a loss leader as you’re bound to pick a few things up as you walk the three miles round the rest of the store! They have good facilities for warming older babies’ food. Perhaps the changing area could be better, as the only one I’ve seen is a fold down table in a toilet cubicle. But on the whole, I’ll be comfortable to go back whilst Sweetie is little.



On Wednesday, Jo and I went down to Ogmore by Sea forย a walk. jo, snipe and midge at ogmore

The dogs loved being off their leads as there was no-one else on the beach when we arrived.

frozen rock pool at ogmore

It really was incredibly cold. I’ve never seen frozen rock pools before; there were also icicles and a mini glacier at the edge of the beach – I was incredibly impressed!

snipe and midge at ogmore

Snipe (the labrador) was loving dashing in and out of the sea, despite the low temperatures, but Midge preferred to stay just on the dry side of the waves and watch her friend chasing sticks into the ocean!

We hope to make these walks regular occurrences, weather dependent, and in answer to your question Jo, I think we should try somewhere else along that same bit of coastline. I like the sea!