Calendar Girls

Last night I had a second night out in a row, this time to the New Theatre in Cardiff to see the new stage production, “Calendar Girls” by Tim Firth. The tickets were my present to my Mum for Mothering Sunday (early!). In fact, we bought the tickets back at Christmas and I’m glad we did as it has been completely sold out for a good while now.
It was a fantastic production – I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much (apart from whilst watching “Marley and Me” on Tuesday!) and was superbly cast. If you’ve seen the film you’ll know what a moving story it is, and also how much humour is in it. I’d forgotten how many fabulous one-liners were in it, and barely paused for breath between laughing! But they also managed to satisfy the sadness and tenderness in the illness and subsequent death of John Clarke from cancer.
The nearly two and a half hours that the play lasted passed in the twinkling of a eye, and I’d go to see it again in a heartbeat if it wasn’t sold out! If it is coming to anywhere near where you live, and you are able to get tickets, GO! You’ll have a fantastic night, and it’s a real tonic and a pick-me-up to have such a good laugh at the end of a long winter!
Oh, and as a bonus, I got my programme signed by Lynda Bellingham afterwards! I was so impressed to see her and Elaine C Smith outside afterwards doing a signing, as they were on the stage almost the whole time and must have been really tired by the end of the show. And yet they stood outside for ages, talking to the audience members who waited to have programmes signed, and seemed genuinely lovely ladies. Oh, and for any “Loose Women”  fans, ‘Mr Spain’ was also there!
Calendar Girls programme, autographed by Lynda Bellingham

Calendar Girls programme, autographed by Lynda Bellingham