A funny piggy video to share!

Just for fun, I’ve got a video to share. This is Curly and Pinky, taken on Monday (or Tuesday, can’t remember!). When we got to the farm, Curly was making really strange noises, and I wanted to record them as Jo had never heard anything like it in a pig, and I just found them so funny! I don’t know how I held the camera steady!

Just so that you know, Curly is the smaller pig who starts off on the right. Enjoy!

Reception committee

So, today GG and I went up to the farm to feed Jo‘s pigs. She had to be somewhere else and usually I don’t mind helping her out, so we made the trip after collecting the boys from school. That was where the problems started. Apparently, her pigs like to have their dinner at about 3.30, and so when we arrived, nearly an hour later than that, we had a surprise when we noticed Tia and Scrumpy waiting for us by the gate of the field. Normally, they are confined within their own, fenced, paddock. However, hunger (or boredom, or sheer devilment!) drove them to break out of their pen and come to find us. We have no idea how long they had been out, although we noticed significant holes, recently dug, along the path to the food container!

reception committee

This was not the only thing which struck us on getting out of the car and into the field. Have a look at the photo below; according to a phone conversation which I had with Jo after we got home, these used to be neatly stacked sacks of waste vegetables, waiting to be added to the compost heap or lasagne garden. Bless! We did our best to pick up the larger vegetables, but as it was almost completely dark we had to abandon most of the sprouts to their fate! Sorry Jo, but just think; those little sprouts will condition the ground just a little bit around the container van so that it will be that tiny bit better drained and the grass will be infinitesimally more luscious later in the year!


And just to prove (to Jo) that GG and I didn’t have a Machiavellian moment and chuck the veggies all over the place, here in the next photo I managed to (quite blurrily, I’m afraid!) capture a picture of the culprit!

the culprit

Bad Tia! I also have a photo of my husband, expressing his current opinion of the pigs using only one finger! I’ve deicded to refrain from posting that though, as this is a family blog!

Bailey the boar had also done a Houdini and managed to get out of his enclosure, although he was more concerned with trying to work out how to get back inside rather than in exploring the perimeter of the field. And I suppose I should say, in their defence, that all three pigs quite happily went back into their pens when we brought their dinner buckets to them!

I’m hoping that it will be a little while before Jo next asks us to pig sit, and that she will have taught them a). patience and b). manners by the next time I visit!