Self powered transport

I want to be able to travel by bike or foot power more often. I’m missing so many good photos because we’re hurtling by (as much as one ‘hurtles’ at 30mph!) and I can’t lean out of the window to capture the moment. My father, on the other hand, is cycling regularly, and as a member of the slow cycling movement, is taking the time to admire the views and taking the opportunity to photograph things which please his eye.

A prime example of something I missed happened only yesterday. We were driving past Roath Park Lake (one of my favourite places to relax) in rather a hurry to get to our destination, and there were dozens of people enjoying the weather and taking the chance to get out on the lake in boats. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many people out rowing, and I would have loved to have got a photo of it. Instead, I offer this much less busy shot of the lake this afternoon;

We managed to have an impromptu picnic lunch by the lake today, and so I snapped these energetic people out on the lake for your viewing pleasure!

I think that I need to focus efforts on teaching my children to ride their bikes so that we can all get out together in the holidays.

On another note entirely, I found what we think may have been a baby ladybird crawling on my leg earlier;

This photo has obviously been enlarged somewhat, and as you can probably tell, the ‘ladybird’ is at this point sitting on the tip of my finger. If anyone has any idea what sort of insect this might be, please let me know! I’m hoping that it’s not actually a ladybird-locust hybrid as I put it in my mum’s back garden to live!