Dodging the rain

HeronToday, Welshpurpletree and I managed to dodge between the rain showers and have a walk to a local lake in Tredelerch Park. The lake was recently created near the mouth of the River Rhymney, and is a hidden oasis, not known well yet to Cardiff residents.

There is a cinder or gravel path around the circumference of the lake, and a bridge over a shallow section of one end of the lake. It’s quite a disconcerting bridge to cross, as it has no handrails, is only three feet wide and weaves across the water. It is necessary to watch your feet as you cross to make sure you don’t fall in, and watching the boards go underfoot is quite hypnotic!

Lots of dog owners take their canine friends to the lake for their daily walk, as the walk around the lake is of a decent length and also there is plenty of rough grassland in the park for the animals to play on. I’ve even seen some people walking a shetland pony round the lake!

WPT and I thought we saw a heron (the photo above is my pitiful attempt to capture his image), and there are also lots of ducks and swans that make the lake their home. It’s a shame that it’s right next door to Lamby Way landfill as today there was a definite smell coming from the tip, but on the whole you can usually manage to ignore the passing traffic and focus instead on the calming nature of the water and surrounds.

Tredelerch Park

I really enjoyed the walk, and am glad that I have places like this within easy reach of my home even though I live in a city. I’m also very appreciative of the fact that I have both the time and the good health to be able to enjoy visits to places like this.


Weight loss progress

There won’t be a graph for your perusing pleasure today. I have decided that I’m not going to have a weigh in this week as I gave myself the weekend off the diet to celebrate my wedding anniversary. We had a chinese takeaway on Saturday night, as well as sharing half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream. We then had croissants for breakfast yesterday, followed by a roast dinner at lunch time cooked by my mother in law, and then a chocolate cake for dessert. So, although I’ve only had that day off, I think that the weight which would show today would probably be inaccurate and not indicative of my progress overall. Therefore I’ll weigh in again next Monday, after a week of my diet being back to normal and I’ll be proud to be able to tell you that I’ve lost more weight, I’m sure. I plan to start up my exercise this week again, which will all help.

Update on the diet, end of week 4

I’ve lost a couple more pounds this week, which takes me up to nine pounds overall! I’m very happy with that as I’m still just short of the end of my first month, and as I had a target of losing seven pounds a month I’m two pounds ahead of target. And so I’ll move on to next month’s target – I hope to have lost a stone by the end of September! The children start back to school next week, which I hope will facilitate my being able to do more exercise. I’ve not yet decided whether to try to go back to the gym or just to focus on cycling and walking. I’m leaning more towards the cycling as I can fit it in with other daily tasks like fetching bread and milk from the shop and suchlike. Ah well, time will tell. I just hope that my will power keeps me on track for another couple of months at least so that I can start to see a real difference in myself.

I was very proud of myself yesterday. We went out with two of my husband’s relatives for Sunday lunch to a pub in North Cardiff. They all had roast dinners but I managed to avoid the temptation and had a chicken and bacon salad. It was really nice, and I didn’t miss the roast dinner at all. I think that it tasted nicer because I knew that it was a healthy choice and that I wasn’t damaging my diet by eating it. I’ve noticed that I’m definitely not enjoying things like pizza at the moment, even when I’m actually eating them, because I constantly have on my mind that it is a bad food choice if I want to be slimmer by next year. I’m glad of that though. This is what I’m trying to educate my brain to tell me, rather than accepting the ‘quick happy fix’ that junk food and snacking has to offer.

In other news, visits to my blog went past the 20,000 mark yesterday! This is great, especially as it was only in about March that I reached 10,000 and I thought it would take until about Christmas to get to this target. So thank you to you all for visiting and helping Jennieworld Today reach this target. Roll on 30,000!

Cycling tips

I’ve just found this article on the BBC website with ‘tips’ for bicycle riding commuters, taken from the example set by the┬ámedal winning British Olympic cyclists in Beijing. All well and good, and as with the commenters on the article I both agree and disagree with various of the pieces of advice offered. However, my biggest stumbling block which has stopped me getting on my bike for the last month has been the rain – I don’t think we have had a consistently dry period in the last month. And if we did I was either in work or asleep! Roll on September, if the dry weather is returning as promised, so that I can get back to my cycling for fitness and fun.

Update on the diet, end of week 3

I’m content! I’ve lost another 1.5lbs this week, bringing me up to a total of 7lbs or half a stone in three weeks! I’m a week ahead of my target to lose half a stone a month, so I can get stuck into next month’s half a stone a bit early!

I’m especially pleased as I had a slip on Saturday night and gave in to the temptation of Dominos Pizza. However, it was a slip not a slide as I managed to get it together before having lunch with my husband’s family yesterday – I only had a drop of gravy, lots of vegetables and no pudding. And then quiche and salad for tea. So I feel that I redeemed myself yesterday!

This week I’ll be happy with another 1.5lbs if that’s possible. I’m hoping that the weather will be better than last week so that I can get out with the children and go to the park a few times. They’re old enough now that I can take them swimming on my own, so I might try that either this week or next as well.

I’m so glad that my will power has kept up this week – it’s such a good feeling to see the chart going down!

Progress in body and home!

I’m feeling especially happy at the moment. I’ve had my weekly weigh in and I’ve lost another 3.5lbs, taking me up to 5.5 over the last fortnight. Well on target for my half stone in a month! I’m really doing my best to eat healthily and only when I’m hungry, rather than at set times. My hungry┬ámoments usually coincide with mealtimes anyway, but I’ve definitely been eating smaller amounts. And it seems to be paying off! I’ve been using the Wii Fit regularly, both to exercise and to keep an eye on my weight progress, and I like the facility which enables you to set yourself a weight-loss target. I’ve set one to lose half a stone by this time next month. I spent half an hour on the ‘free step’ activity on the Wii Fit last night, which allows you to watch TV while the Wii keeps count of the number of times that you get on and off the step – I definitely felt like I had exercised by the end of that!

The coloured lines show the weight I've lost this week and also my total progress to date - it's early days but it's all a step in the right direction!

The coloured lines show the weight I've lost this week and also my total progress to date - it's early days but it's all a step in the right direction!

In my home, we had another good day┬álast Friday, taking several bags of old clothes and some bags of recycling to the tip to make some more room. It was helped by my sister in law phoning up to say that she would be visiting for a cup of tea in her lunch break – that got me moving in the lounge! The boys were really good as well, throwing out all the toys which are broken, and collecting the ones that they don’t play with any more to give to charity. This week I plan to focus on my bedroom, I think, as I desperately want to finish decorating it before the summer leaves us for cold, dark and damp days – not that we’ll notice a difference if the weather doesn’t improve soon!

Desperation strikes again, a.k.a. I’m starting another diet!

I’ve been psyching myself up for some time towards starting another diet. For any of you who have been reading my blog for a while, I apologise for repeating myself, as I seem to start diets about every six months with varying levels of success. Well, at the end of the day they obviously are unsuccessful as I’ve not yet reached my optimum weight and been able to abandon my quest to become lighter!

I’m still mourning the lack of a Rosemary Conley diet and fitness class in Cardiff. I went to one two years ago for six months and lost nearly two stone, which was fantastic. I loved the actual diet, which, with it’s focus on eating fruit and veg and enough milk for calcium, I think is very healthy. I also enjoyed the exercise class every week. I begrudge going to other classes, like Weight Watchers or Slimming World and having to pay ┬ú5 just to be weighed. At least with Rosemary Conley classes you do get that exercise to music session which you can tailor to your own ability. However, my nearest one is either in Caerleon or Bridgend, neither of which I feel like rushing to in the evenings. I’m still hoping and praying that the instructor from either Newport or Bridgend will suddenly notice that there is nothing in Cardiff and will start up another class!

Anyway, I have to move on and stop waiting for a non-existent class to help me to lose weight! I’m really hoping that we’ll manage to have a family holiday next year, and the last thing that I want is to be going away, self conscious about the way I look and avoiding family photos because I know that they’re unflattering. I’ve been eating really well this week, avoiding snacks and trying to up the amount of fruit and veg that I consume. I’m also trying to drink more, especially with the warm weather we’ve been enjoying. But it’s obviously not enough, and I need to find opportunities to exercise. It’s not as easy as you might think with two children around all the time. I could go out to the gym or on my bike in the evenings, but by the time the children are in bed I’m usually tired and able for nothing more than a little light internet surfing. I need to try to get out with the kids a bit more, to the park maybe with a couple of balls or something. We do try to get out somewhere every day, weather permitting, but it does get hard when you’re trying to fit so much into your day. I’ve got a lot on at the moment with Relay For Life, and I’ve been helping my mother in law with her garden a couple of times whis week. I’m also in the middle of clearing out my kids’ bedroom. All of that doesn’t leave a lot of leisure time for spending at the park! However, hopefully this coming week will be a little less frantic. I’m hoping to save some of my energy for cycling in the evenings, and maybe I’ll feel better for doing it. I think I’m slightly put off the thought of cycling because it has been so long since I was able to get out on my bike, I think I’ll be back to square one. However, if I’m going to do a Brecon to Cardiff┬ásponsored bike ride next year, it needs to be done!

So, I need to spend this next week focussing on good food, no snacking and plenty of exercise. I know the theory, it’s just putting it into practise and keeping up the will power to keep it going. I’ll keep you posted.