‘Tis the season…well, nearly!

I’m getting a bit overexcited about Christmas this year. I think it’s a combination of new house, new baby, no morning sickness and increased mobility on last year. But it all boils down to the one thing. I’m addicted to tinsel.

While I’m really really looking forward to getting the Christmas deeleyboppers and the santa hats out soon, I’ve not done very much of use to prepare. I’ve bought next to no presents (and have made absolutely none, given the time constraints that a certain very young person imposes on me!), written no cards, planned no festive gatherings. But I do have a very nice new tree and an awful lot of tinsel. You see, every year I miss all the good tinsel and am faced with those stringy mean looking strands that everyone else leaves in favour of the good, fat, bushy garlands. So this year I adopted a proactive, early bird catches the worm strategy and started buying tinsel early. With the result that I haven’t been able to pass a shop with tinsel since September without studying it intently and (usually) taking it home. I got eight metres of lovely green tinsel with fake holly leaves at intervals along the length from Tesco today. Such simple things keep me happy! I wonder what my Christmas obsession will be next year, given that I will already have ALL THE TINSEL and won’t be able to justify buying any more. Oh, or fairy lights. We do seem to own quite a few sets of fairy lights, but that’s also a Very Good Thing. It means that I can light up my house to Midsummer in the Med levels of brightness and banish the miserable short grey days happening outside.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to trudge around town doing my gift shopping for me, please drop a postcard to the usual address…


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  1. Gift vouchers!!

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