I had the shocking realisation today that it will be December in less than two weeks. Now, I’m growing accustomed to the years flying past, but I seem to have lost a whole season. Is it me, or did autumn come and go in about three days?

My little girl is six months old already (more about that in another post) and still regularly travelling in her babasling. I’m so glad I bought them (I own two – the first was an eBay bargain but in an ungirly green so I splashed out on a nice lilac one once I realised how much use it would get). It takes much less time to pop her in that and get out of the door than it does to pack her in her buggy. Quite apart from anything else, as she’s snuggled right up against me and at least partly under my coat I don’t need to pile so many layers on her. We have recently begun to share a scarf when we travel like this, to keep out the draughts!

I’m not doing much Christmas knitting this year as I always overcommit myself and end up getting really stressed out in Christmas week. I am taking part in a swap on Ravelry though, and we have to make something to go in the parcel. I decided a shawl would be a great idea. However, I’ve just started the border in a 2×2 rib (the knitters among you will understand!) with approximately 450 stitches per  row. I reckon each row will take a good quarter of an hour to complete, and the border should probably be at least three if not four inches deep. And I don’t like knitting rib at the best of times. I can see that I’ll need to find whole new levels of patience over the coming week. Oh, and I’m on a deadline; ideally I want to post my parcel by the end of next week. I just hope the recipient likes it after all this!

Other than that, I want to make some more blanket squares and finish a baby hat by the end of the month, then I’m aiming to make baby Sweetie another jumper before Christmas. So I really don’t have time for it to already be two thirds through  November. Oh dear!


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