So much to say!

Where to begin? The last twelve weeks have gone by in a flash, as I knew they would. Baby Sweetie will be three months old already next weekend. The highs have been awesome, and the lows have been…low. I think you forget (no matter how much you think you don’t) how tired you are with a newborn, and how they really do take up all of your time. To the extent that I’ve wanted to blog, but some days don’t even have the time (not to mention the energy) to even switch on my laptop. But the reason is a wonderful one!

She smiled early, before six weeks, and I had her first chuckle on Saturday. She beams up at us first thing every morning when she sees us after waking, and recognises her baby sling now and smiles when I walk towards her with it on. If I put her in her sling she will sleep until woken. She so loves her sling and dislikes her pushchair that we didn’t even bother packing the pushchair when we went away last week, so saving the boot space!

She has slept through the night for all but a handful of nights for the past nearly two months, and the co-sleeper is the joint best investment, along with the Baba Sling which I picked up on Ebay for a cool £8 (which I love so much I’ve just bought another one in a different colour – a girl has to be colour-coordinated you know!). The co-sleeper has helped relieve some of my anxiety as I only have to roll over to see that she’s ok. However, she wriggles right over as near to me as she can get, and I’m sure that if she could she’d wriggle right onto my bed and snuggle up with me. However, there’s a two or three inch climb from her bed to mine, so I’m safe for a little while at least!

Her hands are starting to uncurl from their tight little fists, and she’s making the first moves towards grabbing her toys. She’s getting really good at batting at the toys around her, and has definite favourites already. And if you want a smile, a sure fire way to get one is to tell her she’s pretty – it works every time!

Apart from baby development, there’s so much I wanted to talk about, including my new camera, our little holiday, the Olympics, what the boys are up to during the holidays and other family stuff. But once more I am summoned to feed my precious baby girl, so it’ll all have to wait for another time.


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