Must try harder

I’ve been very lazy with my blog in recent months. You see, if I have something I feel like sharing, I’ve been condensing my thoughts into one or two sentences and posting them on Facebook instead. But then, while it takes a bit longer, it’s not much harder to switch to my WordPress app on my phone and write a quick blogpost. For instance, Sweetie Baby went to bed at just after 11pm last night and is just starting to think about waking up now at 8.15am – fabulous! Sleeping like a baby all night!

Who came up with that expression – “sleeping like a baby”? Surely it would be more apt to say “sleeping like the exhausted parent of a newborn baby given half a chance”, but I suppose it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily.

She’s just started the creaking phase of waking up, which is when she makes funny creaky noises while she stretches out and wriggles herself awake. She usually does this for a good while though before properly waking up, so this means I have anywhere between one minute and half an hour before she claims my attention – better go and be ready! 


4 Responses

  1. It must run in the family! It takes me 30 minutes to wake up, accompanied by sundry creaking noises!

  2. GG says I do it too – nice to know there’s one in every generation!

  3. Yes I agree, the phrase “sleeping like a baby” is kind of ridiculous! Who wants to sleep for 2-3 hours at a time only to wake up extremely hungry and need to use the bathroom? 😉

  4. And also, if I had as much trouble as baby Sweetie does getting herself to sleep, I’d be referred to a sleep clinic to work out my problems! It really is a silly expression!

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