Out and about

Since Sweetie Baby arrived, I’ve been out almost every day. I was limited with my mobility for so long, I was really keen to get out and go places as soon as possible. Now, there have been no hugely exciting trips; the majority of my outings have been to supermarkets or other big shops like IKEA or Homebase. But I felt that it was important just to get outside the house for a little while. It would be very easy for me to get into the habit of staying in the house all day, especially now the boys are old enough to take themselves to school.

However, Cardiff has changed a lot since I last had a nursing baby as my constant companion so I need to relearn the best places to go to feed and change her, as well as which places are kiddy friendly and which ones I should probably avoid until she’s at school!

I thought that I’d write posts now and again about the places I go, if only because my own memory is pretty bad at the moment and it would be good for me to have something to refer back to. And if I can help other new mothers who want to get out and about in Cardiff with their little ones, so much the better.


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