A good birthday

My birthday was on Sunday, shared with Father’s Day although you’d never know it from all the spoiling I got from GG!

My birthday posy which was on my breakfast tray. The flowers were from our garden.

The day began really well with Sweetie Baby deciding to sleep from just before midnight until well past 6am – the longest that she has slept so far, and for the purposes of both making it easy to remember and making her seem like the most thoughtful baby ever, I’m going to say that she slept through! What a good birthday present! My day carried on well then with breakfast in bed – croissants and tea served on a tray with a small posy from our garden – and presents and cards. I had an assortment of smaller presents from my boys, including a bag of ingredients for a cream tea, a  jar of lollies (how well do they know my cravings right now!) and a Bill Bryson book about Shakespeare which I look forward to diving in to, Sweetie permitting! It’s quite a small book though, so I think I should be able to hold it with one hand whilst I’m feeding her.

My friend M came round last night with presents from her parents – chocolates and a cd – and a lovely Pandora bracelet with a pram charm to commemorate the birth of Sweetie as well as mark my birthday. She will be Sweetie’s godmother once we get to the baptism, as she was for Handsome and Cheeky. She spoils the kids rotten with really generous presents, and they think she’s fab (I’m sure the two facts aren’t connected!).

After a quick lunch we headed out for a walk to make the most of the fact that there was actually more blue than grey in the sky for once – that bit of sunshine was a gift itself after so much rain recently.

The boys found some exercise stations in the park and so decided to have a go. It was fun to watch them trying them out!

After our walk my Mum and Dad had made afternoon tea for us, which was really lovely. And then we had a quiet evening at home. It was a lovely day, and having all my family with me made it all the more special. I’m looking forward to next year already!


2 Responses

  1. I’ve got the Shakespeare book – it’s really good.

  2. I’ve just started it, and it’s interesting so far. Trouble is, it’s never next to me when I’m stuck in an armchair!

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