My sweetie baby has arrived!

Welcome to the world, baby Sweetie! My daughter was born on 18th May in the morning, and we all fell in love with her instantly!

Sweetie at three and a half hours old

The birth was straightforward (maybe that will be a separate post) and we were able to bring her home the same day, much to the delight of her big brothers.

She has slotted right into our family as if her place here had been waiting for her forever.

The relief I felt when she was safely born was tangible – it took a huge weight off my shoulders, and people have been commenting on how much better I look, quite apart from having got rid of my crutches! Weirdly, Sweetie was born a year to the day that we found out that our last baby had died – the midwife who delivered her said that it was meant to be to replace our sad memories with happy ones.

Sweetie has two names; the first we chose just because we really liked it, and the second is an amalgamation of her grandmothers’ names. Handsome was named for his grandfathers, and so this seemed like a great idea for Sweetie. Also, having lost my mother in law last summer, it felt important to include her.

She was the lightest of my three, weighing in at 7lbs 10.5oz. She’s piling on the weight already though, having increased to 8lbs 6oz by Wednesday this week. She feeds more often than either of the boys too, she obviously wants to catch them up as soon as possible!

GG has had much more time off than with either of the boys too; he gets three weeks leave as standard from work, and as we’ve got a double bank holiday in the middle of his leave, he gets to tag the extra two days on to the end of his time with us. Although I’m sure that whenever he went back to work, it would be too soon for me!

I’d forgotten how much newborns sleep; the boys have been grabbing cuddles whenever they can, but she’s been asleep for much of the time they’ve been home. They’re off for half term now though, so hopefully there’ll be more time for hugs with her!

There’s so much to write about our precious addition, but I’ll save some for another day. I’ll just finish by saying that after a year of sadness and anxiety, I feel happy, and as if my little family is finally complete.


3 Responses

  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations.

  2. Congratulations! I follow Justwilliams, and he kindly passed on the news! A beautiful baby – my best to you all!

  3. She’s gorgeous. And I’m blaming both her and you for my jelly babies craving.

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