Two weeks to go!


I apologise for the bad photo – self photography in a mirror on a camera phone is not ideal, but I keep forgetting to ask GG to take my picture when he gets home from work. Plus, slumping in an armchair and yawning are not the most attractive ways to be photographed, and that’s how I tend to spend my evenings at the moment!

38 weeks down, two to go. Although by my dating scan I’m 38 weeks and 4 days – I prefer that as it brings me nearer to Bonus Baby being fully cooked. At this exact point in my pregnancy with Cheeky I was just about to be told that I was probably going to have the baby sometime before morning. Just over an hour later, he surfed out on a wave of amniotic fluid! So, this one will be gestating for longer than her little big brother. But hopefully not as long as her biggest big brother who waited until a 41 week induction.

As you can see from the picture, I’m pretty big now. There was a much worse photo I could have used where I put my hand under the bump to show just how big it is, but I decided that no-one would believe that it could all be baby bump, so I used this one with my dress hanging down artfully! My wardrobe is now severely limited. I have two dresses which fit; this one and a black dress, although I’m trying to avoid wearing that as it makes me look a bit washed out. Then as far as trousers go, I have two pairs of jogging bottoms which still fit (stretchiness is key!). Quite a lot of my tops are still fine, although this is probably more down to the fact that they belong to my sister in law who had to accommodate her extra height in the tops, rather than such a large tummy. Oh, and my pyjamas are still good, although I’m resisting the temptation to wear them all day!

I saw the community midwife on Friday, and I’ll be seeing her again on Wednesday. I’ve been disappointed by her in that she doesn’t listen to anything I say. As with every other pregnant woman in Britain (I assume) I have my medical notes which I have to carry around and have filled in at every medical appointment I go to. All the other doctors and midwives have been very good about writing down any concerns I’ve had, or problems like the pelvic girdle pain I’ve been experiencing. This midwife though just seems to want to get through the appointment as fast as possible. On Friday I hobbled in on my crutches, which she commented on, asking if the pain was worse than before. I replied that it was getting noticeably worse each week. She then asked me how I’d been feeling, so I told her that through that morning I’d been experiencing crampy backaches and stomach aches as well as feeling nauseous. Although I didn’t spell it out (maybe I should have) this is very similar to how my previous labours (and probably those of plenty of other ladies) have started. She replied with something along the lines of “Oh well, we’re all entitled to an off day now and again”! I also mentioned how I’d not had any contact from the physio department and that it was worrying me in case I have any issues during my baby’s delivery or post-natally and there’s no-one for me to contact. After all of this, and after trying to convince me not to bother seeing her this week (despite my pointing out that the obstetrician had specifically told me to see the midwife every week) all she wrote in my notes was “No issues; seeing in a week”. Awesome. These notes are supposed to inform the hospital midwives and doctors of what has been going on through my pregnancy, especially in a scenario where I’m unable to adequately fill them in. Fat lot of use my notes from this midwife will be! What especially stuck with me was that when she tried to convince me to cancel this week’s appointment she told me that there was no need for me to be seen as I am a “healthy mummy of nearly three children”. I felt like shaking her before reminding her that actually, my third baby should be seven months old already except that that baby died for apparently no reason at all half way through the pregnancy, coincidentally almost exactly a year ago. And so please forgive me if I’m not so complacent and blasé as you seem to be about my delivering a healthy baby! But of course I didn’t, just staring at her until she told me that if I felt a need to be seen weekly that it really wasn’t a problem. So I see her again tomorrow, although if my baby decides to be born before that appointment, I really don’t mind!

I’m really hoping that I will be posting pictures of a beautiful newborn baby rather than a 39 week update next Tuesday; keep your fingers crossed that she decides that it’s time to move out and experience the big wide world soon!


2 Responses

  1. So frustrating isn’t it?! I think I probably would have reminded her politely of the fact that you lost a baby a year ago, and not in early pregnancy, some health care “professionals” are not so professional are they? Bless you this week, hoping your next appointment goes well and/or you are able to hold your baby really soon!

  2. I can hear your mum’s voice in my head in response to that shocking story.

    Oh, and I’ve cancelled my plans to have tomato soup for lunch. “A wave of amniotic fluid…”. Lovely.

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