37 weeks, 1 day!

2 weeks 6 days to Bonus Baby’s due date! All of a sudden, after what feels like years of waiting, that date, May 22nd, seems to be rushing at me with the speed and force of a train! 20 days. That’s nothing really, is it? So, my hospital bag is packed, we have some meals frozen in the freezer, the baby clothes are washed and put away, my parents are on standby for short-notice babysitting. What have I forgotten? I really feel like I’ve forgotten something, something vital, but my mushed up, hormonal brain is stopping me from recalling it!

I’m not going to lie, I’ll be very glad when I’m holding my healthy, beautiful baby girl in my arms. This pregnancy is the roughest I’ve had, I think. Quite apart from the pelvic problems which have put me on crutches for the last few weeks, the anxiety I’ve had for the last eight months has been difficult. However, I had a scan this morning, and Miss Bonus is growing well, slightly bigger than she needs to be but not alarmingly enormous! And apparently they can tell that she has hair already – I wonder what colour it will be!

Until last week, I had seen two different registrars at the hospital as well as four or five different midwives. with each one I had attempted to discuss the high levels of anxiety I was experiencing for the wellbeing of my baby, after losing our baby last year unexpectedly and with no explanation afterwards. Not one of them appeared to listen, or even offered any reassurance. I had been told how important the mental health of a prospective mother is; almost on a par with physical wellbeing but until last week not one of the healthcare professionals I saw took me seriously. Last week I saw my consultant for the first time who actually listened to me and offered reassurance as well as a plan which has drastically reduced my anxiety levels. I’m now seeing someone (either in the ante-natal clinic in the hospital or a community midwife in my local surgery) each week, and so I feel much happier that my baby’s health is being monitored.

My gorgeous husband is really looking after me as if I were made out of spun glass! I’m getting really tired, especially as sleeping for more than half an hour at a time seems to have become impossible with the pelvic pain, and so he’s taken on so much of the housework so that I can rest as much as possible. He drops me off at the door if we have to go anywhere, brings me drinks and fetches and carries for me. I hope that I recover quickly after the birth so that I can pick up the reins again.

Right, time for bed, then there will only be 19 days left to go! Night all!


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  1. So glad to hear that you found someone who will listen to you! That has got to be the most frustrating aspect of healthcare sometimes! I’ve been blessed with an amazing midwife who is a fantastic listener, I had depression at the first trimester this pregnancy (which I’ve never experienced before), she looked at me, and said, “If it gets worse Jenni, CALL ME!” just knowing that she was concerned about me somehow helped me snap out of it. I will be praying for the safe arrival of your little miss, and for a fantastic delivery, and quick recovery from all this pelvic pain! When I’ve had pelvic pain in my pregnancies, it has taken me a little longer to recover, just to forewarn you 😦 But we’ll pray for a reasonably quick recovery! Bless you, can’t wait to hear about your new little one!!!

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