It has been nearly a whole month since I last visited here, and yet it feels like a second. My time is flying by, and I’m not quite sure what I make of that! In my last post I said that I wouldn’t be packing until we’d exchanged contracts. Unfortunately, due to what I’m almost certain is incompetence on the part of solicitors representing other people in our chain, we’re yet to exchange contracts, and yet our moving date is only a few days away. And so I gave in, and the flat is nearly completely packed up. At a push, we could probably finish the packing in a couple of hours, but I’m really appreciating that I’ve had a little more time to actually sort through our belongings and clear out clutter that has accumulated over the last eleven years. Tomorrow I’ll finish packing the living room, finish emptying the hall cupboards and empty the laundry basket.

Little Miss Bonus  has only 13 weeks left to grow now before she’s due to make her appearance in the world, as I’ve hit 27 weeks pregnant today. And so on into my third trimester. She seems to be doing fine with her job of growing at a good rate, as am I! And the stiffness in my joints (especially in my hips and pelvis) is increasing, especially at night time when I wake up aching if I’ve not moved in a while! But never mind, I’m off to see a physio next week, so hopefully I’ll get some good exercises that will make a difference to me. And if not, in three short months I’ll be able to introduce my beautiful girl to the world, and none of these minor inconveniences will matter. Also next week I get to take a glucose tolerance test. I’m not quite sure why, as although my sons weren’t small, they weren’t at the size that generally necessitates a test for gestational diabetes in subsequent pregnancies. Hopefully I’ll (or at least my insulin will) sail through the test and I’ll be able to carry on with my normal eating habits rather than having to stop before every mouthful to evaluate the sugar load!

As predicted, knitting has slowed down this month. I did get to half way on my cardigan that I mentioned in my last post, and started the first sleeve, but following the colourwork pattern requires far more concentration and general brain power than I have to spare right at the moment. I did manage to finish a cardigan for my niece, Miss M, in time for her 6 month birthday, and I also managed to design and make a hat for Cheeky. I haven’t, however, managed to find the time to get any of my projects up onto Ravelry yet. I really need to do that soon, otherwise I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance, given that I’m almost certain to be without an internet connection for at least a little while after we move.

Anyway, Little Miss Bonus is kicking me now as if to remind me that I need to get an early night in order to get some of the energy required to get through the next week or so! I’ll probably not post again until after we’ve moved, so see you soon in our new house!


2 Responses

  1. Good luck with the move, hope everything goes smoothly xx

  2. Dear Jennie – Making a very belated return visit! Hope that your move went well and that you’re settled and happy – and, blimey, you must be almost ready to pop by now! Hope all is well
    Laura xxx (Bambrey)

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