Getting busy

Until we get past exchanging contracts I’m not getting busy packing boxes, so I’m making the most of these last few days to sit down as much as possible, and also to knit as much as I have time for. I get the impression that February might be a bit of a write off, craft wise, and I’ve got a cardigan which I’m making for myself that I’d like to be able to wear this winter. I’m nearly up to the armpits now, so I’m reasonably confident I will finish it before the weather warms up significantly. Hopefully I’ll have a picture of where I’m up to by the end of the week. Hopefully, also by the end of the week, I should have photos of a pile of boxes!

Bonus Baby, judging by the size of me, is growing well (23 weeks tomorrow!). I’m getting regular internal gymnastics displays, which are really reassuring, and I’m starting to let myself plan more. I’ve got a line of jumpers and cardigans queued up, both in my mind and on to make before May! My sister-in-law is hoping that I’ll be making a couple of matching jumpers for Bonus Baby and my niece – could be good, even if only for the photos we’ll be able to show them when they’ve grown up!

Next week will be all about planning for the move some more. I’ve worked out a couple more places that I could stack a pile of boxes in the flat, so I’m not quite so concerned that I’ll need to pile boxes up on the front lawn now! I’m also going to have to clear out some more rubbish, which on the plus side means I’ll have less to pack!

My three boys (I include my husband in that!) are treating me like a princess. Regular drinks and food are provided by one or the other, together with unlimited cuddles and back rubs. And when GG and Cheeky went out for bread and milk a couple of evenings ago, they came back with red roses for me. I could get used to this! It makes the stiff joints and the slowing down completely worth it!


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