Knitting like a maniac

I don’t know where January is going. I also don’t know where my mind is going; each morning (and sometimes several times through the day) I keep thinking that it’s February already, and spark a mini-panic in my mind! Hopefully we’ll be moving house in February, and so I’m not anxious for the next five weeks to go too quickly as there’s a lot of packing and cleaning to do before we go. I’ve made a start on packing some things (mainly clothes that don’t fit right now anyway) but space is at a premium already in our flat and so I’m a little concerned about where all the boxes will go. I’m resisting the urge to pack too much until after contracts have been exchanged, which hopefully will be in the next week or so. But then it will be all stations go. I’ve already had to slow my pace down, so I can’t afford to leave it all to the last few days.

I’ve had a lucky break with my job though. We are encouraged to use up all of our annual leave before we go on maternity leave, and so I’m actually finishing in three weeks time, although I’ll not officially be on maternity leave until April. Which means that I get two clear weeks before we move (if the date stays the same) to stay home and pack!

Already I’m 22 and a half weeks through this pregnancy, and she is kicking up a storm every day! Handsome and Cheeky felt her thumping away through my stomach at the start of the week, and they were so excited. I made her a little cardigan at the weekend, and yesterday I made some little flowers to embellish it, although I’m not fixing them on until I’m certain she is actually a girl!

I’ve been busy with my knitting recently, as I’m keenly aware that once I start packing, then unpacking and arranging, then when the baby arrives, I’ll not have very much time for crafting! So I’m making the most of January before life gets hectic! So this month I’ve also made some washcloths for Bonus, a pair of flip top mittens for GG and a shawl for noone in particular but because I wanted to knit up the yarn.



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