The problem is…

The problem is that I keep thinking of things to write about, and even things which are reasonably interesting. But when I think of them I don’t have time to fire up the laptop, and so the moment passes. And then you get times like now, where I’m on the computer, but haven’t got enough time to write a coherent post. Yes, I’m rubbish and I know I am! So, in summary;

  • Christmas was lovely – time spent with the whole family, excellent food, happy children, not enough sleep. So fairly standard really!
  • The house purchase is still going ahead, although the survey flagged up a couple of issues which we will have to have checked out in the new year. God willing they’re not deal breakers, as the house is fab and I really want to live there! But they would involve some serious work being done, so we need to get some experts to give us opinions.
  • My niece is growing more gorgeous by the day. I’m loving being an auntie to someone so close by. Little M knows us all and beams at us as we arrive. She loves my two boys, and they adore her in return. They’ll happily spend hours acting the clown to make her laugh – long may it last!
  • Speaking of the kids, they’ve been awesome this Christmas. They are unfailingly delighted with whatever presents they receive, be they small or large, and apart from getting over-excited from time to time (it has to be a rare child who doesn’t do that at Christmas!) have been very well behaved. Which makes our lives easier! Cheeky lost his second front top tooth today. The first one came out a couple of weeks ago, and so now he has a small lisp and a massive gap. But I think he looks a bit less like a pirate than when his gap was only one tooth wide. Hopefully those adult teeth will be along soon so that he can bite through food again!
  • Every one of the four of us got a Lego set this Christmas – the ability to not completely leave your childhood behaind must be one of the best things about being a parent! I got a big Harry Potter set, so I’m thinking I might wait and build it once we’ve moved. Which would show considerably more restraint than the other three, who’ve already broken into their sets!
  • I’m now on the hunt for new trainers (the Schuh sale let me down this year and my old Skechers are getting very shabby) so any tips for online cheap Skechers buying will be most appreciated! I’m doing my best to avoid having to go into town and fight my way through the crowds!
  • Lastly, I’m beginning to line up my new year knitting and have a couple of cardigans in mind to knit. But my brain is drawing a blank on nice wools I could buy to knit them with. So help is needed for this too! I’m planning on knitting a colourwork cardigan in double knit yarn, so I want a yarn which comes in a good range of colours. And I’d like a recommendation for a decent aran. I have Christmas money to spend, and I thought I’d rather make something out of a reasonably nice yarn rather than finding the cheapest possible ones to use.

That’s about it for the updates. I know it was long for a summary, but I had lots to say! I hope you all had a nice Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrated, and that 2012 brings lovely things for you and your families (I thought I’d get that in there in case I don’t make it back online in the next four days!).


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