October update

Firstly, good news on the neighbour front! Whilst Mr and Mrs Screamy-Stompy and Screamy-Stompy junior still are living above us (no prospect of that changing, plus they seem to have another water leak from their bathroom – only a matter of time until that makes our bathroom a little damp!) the unsociable early-hour door-slammers from the top floor have moved out. Or more, accurately, apparently they were evicted after failing to pay rent. Hurray! In their place we have a (so far, fingers crossed) quiet young woman with a young baby. It was a positive sign that she moved in a full flat-worth of furniture, rather than just the mattress and scruffy old sofa we’ve come to expect from our renting neighbours – we’re taking that as a sign that she probably has more respect for the property than those who came before her. There is a rumour going round that the last residents stripped out the pipe-work before they left!

In family news, everyone’s fine. It’s half term this week, and it’s actually sunny today, which was a pleasant surprise. As Cheeky had a week at tennis summer school in the summer holidays, we’ve been encouraging Handsome to find something that would interest him. And so I’m not sure why I was surprised when he came bounding out of school a couple of weeks ago waving a piece of paper inviting him to attend ‘Spy School’ during this holiday! And so that’s what he’s been doing this week; cracking codes, finding hidden briefcases and navigating rooms full of lasers! In the mean time, Cheeky has been enjoying the full attention of both his parents, as GG has taken a week off work. Mum’s been busy planting her spring bulbs in a newly cleared front border, and Dad’s not long had a new car, and has been relishing the prospect of ease of travelling to places outside the network of Cardiff Bus! My niece is growing beautifully, doing everything that a highly intelligent ten-week old infant should do. She thrilled GG on Monday by giving him a beaming smile and maybe almost a little chuckle.

We’ve still not sold the flat, and it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll be here for another winter. And so we’re having to look at applying for secondary school for Handsome from here rather than the other part of Cardiff that we had hoped to move towards. We’ve found a school which we like, but as it’s not the school into which he’d automatically transfer, we have to apply for a place and really keep our fingers crossed that he’d get in. Applications need to be in by the start of December, then we have a long wait until March to find out if he’s in or not. I don’t cope well with waiting and not knowing, so I may have to find a way to sleep through January and February!

Christmas is only 8.5 weeks away, and I’ve really got to start thinking about what needs doing before the event. Hopefully I’ll make my Christmas cake next week, and maybe even some mincemeat if I feel especially enthusiastic. and then it will soon be time to think about present shopping. The boys are beginning their wish lists, and GG is starting to hint for a few things. I really need to write them down before I forget them!

That’s about it for the update, I think. Hopefully more pleasant things to report soon!


4 Responses

  1. I’m really not comfortable with the idea of your oldest son going to secondary school. It’s all wrong.


  2. You’re not comfortable?! How do you think I feel! Before long it’ll be the voice breaking, then facial hair…I’m way too young to deal with any of that!

  3. At least it’s not bras and periods. Well, not the latter anyway. A good spy does what must be done.

  4. Hurrah! So glad that things are looking up on the neighbor front. We have a Screamy-Shouty couple across the street, so I feel your pain there. Do show us your Christmas cake when it’s done – would love to see!

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