World’s oldest lady dies

The world’s oldest lady has died, the BBC has reported. Eunice Sanborn, who lived in Texas, was 114 years old. Hearing of her death led me to thinking about what it must be like to have lived for so long. Just imagine the changes that she experienced over her lifetime, the events in history that she witnessed.

Sometimes I wonder, when I get old, what sort of changes I’ll have seen over the course of my lifetime. The amazing thing is that the majority of people couldn’t even have dreamed of some of what has happened over the past few decades, which makes wondering about the future, even in my lifetime, all the more exciting!


3 Responses

  1. Loved your post. My father lived to be 100 and was still fascinated by science and technology to the day he died.

    Love the bracelets

  2. Wow, 100! That’s what intrigues me, the difference between the world when he came into it a when he left it. It really does make me curious as to what I’ll look back on when I’m old, what advances in technology I’ll witness!

    Thank you for the compliment!

  3. I just printed up a story about the oldest Canadian (11, almost 112) for my ESL students. I agree, it is fascinating to think about living that long and seeing the world change.

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