Bit of a blah day today. I had an appointment this morning with a doctor with a firm who specialise in providing occupational health cover and advice to large companies. She wasn’t the best listener, or most empathetic HCP (healthcare professional) I’ve come across, and so I came away feeling really quite miserable and fed up – I felt as if she looked on me as a timewaster, which is never a nice feeling!

Anyway, that over I popped into Mum and Dad’s for a cup of tea and sympathy, then home as I was expecting a mahooosive box of yarn to be delivered. And it was, although the delivery driver couldn’t lift it and made me go to the van to collect it! Wuss!

Knitting at Chapter Arts centre tonight, which will be lovely, with the added bonus of catch up time in the car on the way there and back with the lovely Ellie!

Dentist tomorrow, supposedly to finish treatment for a root filling, but my mouth’s aching today and so I’m a little worried the infection is back again. Which would really be super. I think that the next step is a trip to the dental hospital as my dentist thinks that I may have a weird offshoot root which he can’t get at. Ho hum. I just hope I can avoid more antibiotics. I’ve been on them so often that I feel like he should probably just write me a repeat prescription!

I went to buy cake earlier to cheer myself up, and really couldn’t find anything that I fancied. Which means that something must be really wrong!!

Chin up everyone, only a few weeks until springtime now!


2 Responses

  1. Urgh! I’ve got to have 4 teeth removed. Remember when I was smug about my wisdom teeth not hurting as they came through? Well they’ve crushed the ones next to them on my bottom jaw 😯

    And to add insult to injury, the dentist says I can’t open my mouth properly, so have to go to hoppytal to have them out!

    Silver linings for you, and all that?!?!

  2. Love you, I feel so sorry for anyone who has wisdom teeth. I can’t think of anyone with them who hasn’t had problems at one stage or another :-(. When is this all going to happen anyway? I’m very glad that I’ve got no wisdom teeth and so that’s one less thing which could go wrong! I’m conducting a scientific experiment to see whether evolution means that mine is the dominant gene when it comes to wisdom teeth, and waiting to see whether the kids get them or not!

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