A real live shop!

This morning, I took some of mine and Ellie’s Jelliebean Yarns to Big Knitters yarn shop on Wellfield Road in Cardiff! It was very exciting! Anna, who runs the shop, had already made a space in the shelving for our yarns, and let me put it out myself! (I know that made me sound like a five year old, but I was THAT excited!)

Anyway, I took some photos (of course!) so that I could show you how beautiful our yarns look in the shop setting!

This is the shop that we are stocked in (oooh, even typing that makes me squeal inside with excitement!), right on the corner of a lovely, busy shopping street in Cardiff. Doesn’t it look lovely?!

There’s our yarn, on the middle shelf below King Becky’s yarn. It’s a great position in the shop, right opposite the door as you enter and next to the checkout. Don’t all the colours look beautiful together!

I’ll be going back in next week after my next dyeing session. I’m glad Anna’s so friendly and understanding about my need to go and say ‘hello’ to them now and again! Now, hopefully, the yarn shop’s customers will love them enough to buy them!


5 Responses

  1. That’s great news 😀 😀 😀

  2. That really does look fabulous! Now, how soon can I come up with a reason to visit Cardif…?!

  3. Wonderful selection of yarns, do you dye them at your home? Hope the shop does well for you, not sure I’ll make it to Cardiff this year, but I did stop in at both of your sites. I may do some Chanukah shopping at your jewelry shop. AJ

  4. @Jo 🙂 I’m still very excited!

    @uncoolhelen – Very soon!!!

    @AJ – yes, we dye at home; I regularly take over the kitchen for the day – much to my husband’s delight! And thank you for the compliment yet again – if you ever come to Wales be sure to let me know!

  5. Oh it looks beautiful, congratulations on getting space in a real live shop 🙂

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