An appeal for Motherly Solidarity

I need some support from my sister Mummies out there. You know who you are, the ones who have so many things to remember that you routinely forget everything!

Daddies don’t seem to have these problems. In my experience, daddies seem to be able to focus on one thing at a time, even with screaming children around. I don’t have that ability to screen all but one thing out, so I’m regularly multi-tasking and multi-thinking. Now this is not always a bad thing. I can, for example, knit, follow a conversation (or ten!) on Twitter, watch the television and mediate an argument between my children, all at the same time. But oftentimes (I love that Americanism!) I will forget seemingly basic and sometimes important things in sorting through the maelstrom which is my mind.

We all know (and love, hopefully!) ladies who forget to eat lunch when they’re so caught up with everything else there is to do. We’ve all experienced that feeling of dashing off to the post office/bank  etc only to discover on arriving that we’ve left the parcel/bank book etc at home. And we’ve all brushed our teeth or washed our face or shampooed our hair twice because we can’t remember doing it the first time.

(I really hope I’m not alone in this, otherwise I may have serious problems which need addressing!)

This afternoon was a case in point, and one which made me rush to my laptop to record it before the extraordinary and mundane of my everyday life wipes it from my recollection for ever. I had a lovely, lazy morning, knitting and catching up on my tv programmes on my laptop. I headed off for a shower after sitting on my bed for the longest time (bliss!), but with a hundred and one things whizzing through my brain. I’m a typical gemini with a butterfly brain which doesn’t help much either. Anyway, after shampooing my hair (whilst thinking about dyeing yarn, shopping for some sensible clothes, cleaning the bathroom, washing the windows, Christmas, knitting patterns and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – I think fast!) I found myself staring at the shampoo with no clear recollection as to whether I’d actually used it already. On replaying the couple of minutes just passed, I decided that I was fairly definite I had shampooed, so I moved on to conditioner. Which passed uneventfully. Body wash was, however, another case entirely. I’d just started to squeeze the bottle into my hand when Handsome started his scales. I was paying so much attention to whether he was in tune that it was only when the suds started dripping down the side of my face I realised that I was shampooing my hair again…with the Oil of Olay Moisturising Body Wash. So of course I had to condition my hair again (I have the cleanest and softest hair in Cardiff now, by the way). Then, after shaving one leg I felt the need to dash off and make a quick comment to Handsome about his violin playing. It was only when I was finishing drying and thinking about what I should wear that it occurred to me that I’d not shaved the other leg!

All in all, not a good afternoon for the purposes of convincing me that I am compos mentis. I plan on a quiet time for the remainder of the day, including a leisurely trip to Marks and Spencers for the aforementioned sensible clothes, some more knitting and possibly a little time lying down in a darkened room.


6 Responses

  1. Perhaps a little under-ware shopping at Marks and Spencers will put your mind right. It’s been August since I heard of any outings involving bloomers. 😉

  2. Funny you should mention that…!

  3. I sympathise daily. I believe it is a medical condition called ‘baby brain’ 🙂
    Mainly it is for me getting to the top of the stairs and forgetting why i’m there and due to volume of ideas/thought running through my brain saying a sentance that is a combination of 3 thoughts and none of which makes sense!

  4. Oh I so know this feeling. I’ve done several posts on a similar theme. This is one of my favs –

  5. Delightful!

    After reading your comment on my blog, I clicked on the link to find you. Hardly anectdotal nonsense if it applies to most of the civilized world! I have done many things twice because I didn’t remember the first time.

    You have a delightful writing style and wit.

    Shall I post my comment twice just to make you feel better about repeating something that you can’t remember you’ve done? 😉

    What a delightful post!

  6. Thank you for the compliment! I found the incidents described in the post so funny and pathetic, in equal measure really, that I felt the need to record them. If only to let anyone in a similar position know that they’re not alone!

    Thank you for your return visit!

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