Roath Craft Market

Today was the first time that I’ve had my own market stall. OK, it was only half a stall, and only for half a day, but it was interesting, none the less! I shared a stall with my friend from my Thursday knitting group, Alison. She had half a stall of hand-knitted and crocheted goodies, I had half a stall of my own made jewellery and we had a whacking big basket full of skeinsย of Jelliebean Yarns in the middle!

This was my end of the stall, after the initial set up but before tweaking (and I did put one of my signs up, Dad, just after I took the picture!). Half a stall was just right for the amount of stock I had, and now I know what sort of amount will fill one of these stalls.

I made some sales as well! Not many, but I came away having made a profit on the day, which was lovely! And as it’s in a student area, apparently trade may well pick up once the University term starts again. Plus it’s not long until we’re in the official run up to Christmas, so hopefully people will think that my jewellery would make nice gifts!

I’m in the process of setting up my Etsy shop, and once it’s all ready, you’ll be among the very first people to know! I’ve got some awesome photographs, thanks to my Dad, so I’ve just got to work out details like postage, descriptions and other shop like policies! Yeah, give me a little while longer!


8 Responses

  1. Wow, it looks stunning ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your jewellery looks lovely! Shame I missed it.. Will this be a regular thing on Saturdays?

  3. @ Jo – thanks!
    @Machelle – we’re giving it a go for a little while, but not every week. I think we’re there in a fortnight though. I went to Costa on Tuesday last week – was really nice! I think I’ll try to get to more Tuesday meetings. You in Copa on Thursday?

  4. Congratulations on the new enterprise, it take a lot of courage to put together something like that. Hope your sales are brisk through the holidays.

    Will you be offering some thing online so we can get a chance to see your items? Good Luck AJ

  5. It looks fantastic. Congratulations on turning a profit on your first day, that is impressive ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. @AJ – Thanks – I’m in the process of setting up a shop on Etsy, which I’m hoping to share later this week. And of course there will be photos here as well!

    @Leechbabe – Thank you! Long may it continue!

  7. Hi, its nice to find some info on the Roath market and its nice to hear you made a profit. I’ve done some of the bigger markets which cost alot more and not made a profit so I think these markets are the way forward!
    I will be joining you on the 11th as a newby. I sell handmade cards, laser cut, flocked cards and of course xmas cards, am hoping to sell some at roath market!! Fingers crossed.

  8. I’ll look forward to meeting you next week. Just look for the wool and you’ll find me!

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