I’m going to pay for this later…

Can’t sleep. There are too many thoughts whistling round my brain, and, being rather like Winnie the Pooh in this respect, I seem to have severely limited capacity for thoughts at the moment. Probably not aided by the lack of sleep, but there we go.

So, do I now, having been awake since before 4am, have an easy, relaxing day and hope that I don’t wear myself out still further, or do I aim for ultimate productivity in the hopes that I’ll sleep well with the knowledge of several good jobs done?

Optimistically, I’m aiming for the latter. I think I’ll write a list, and see how many of the things I’d dearly love to get done I can then cross off. Realistically, I can see myself crashing by lunchtime! What’s a girl to do?! Other than wish for superhuman powers!

Yesterday was not a good day. Which would have aided the insomnia. The part where I spent time with my parents was lovely, and Dad’s doing some excellent work as a huge favour to me which I hope to share with you soon! But then after lunch I had another appointment with my rheumatology consultant about the recurring problems in my hands and arms. I waited an hour and a half to see him, only to be told that he’s basically out of ideas and won’t be investigating the source of the problem any more. And that I should go to my GP, once my consultant has written to him, to discuss pain management. Oh, and apparently a simple letter from one side of Cardiff to the other could take several weeks to arrive. Funny that, when all my consultant wants to say is “hey, I’m done, passing the buck to you as I have easier cases to treat” (not that I’m at all annoyed!). So, I think I might just mosey on down to the GP sooner rather than later and ask to be referred to a neurologist, given that every HCP for the past eleven months has told me that this is obviously a problem in my nerves.

Anyway, this did not add to my good humour. As a result, I wasted most of my evening in procrastination on the internet rather than in actual achievement, which is probably a good part of the reason that I couldn’t sleep. As well as the fact that I procrastinated until way nearer midnight than I should have done. So, my brain was so wired from leaping from one webpage to another that the four hours sleep I did get were very fractured. Thank God I don’t have to drive anywhere today!


2 Responses

  1. Oh what a horrible consultant, grrrr hate hospitals! Hope your GP comes up with something else to help you.

    Make sure you read a book before bed tonight and I hope you get lots of sleep.

  2. Thank you! I’m feeling a little happier now, having done some of the jobs I wanted to get done. Plus I’ve lined up what I’ll be knitting for the next few weeks – the fun stuff, not the work (designing) stuff, so these should be much more relaxing. And I’m making a rule that I have to stop doing anything that’s not relaxing by about 8.30pm so that I can wind down. Does that sound sensible??

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