Faster than an aeroplane, slower than a snail

A lot of the time, my life carries on at a comfortable, slow pace, my daily routine taking me from one week to the next quite happily. At other times, I really have to run to keep up! At the moment, I’m developing three hobbies with the hope that at least two of them might become profitable enough in a couple of years to enable me to leave my part time office job. Of course, doing two things at once is quite hard, but doing three means that I’m totally absorbed…in all three!

One new thing which begins soon is my having stalls at craft markets. On Saturday I shall be sharing a stall with my friend Alison, from my Thursday night knitting group, next door to my friend Ellie’s stall. I’ve been busily making jewellery for a little while, so I hope to be able to satisfactorily fill my little area (and have a little bit over in case I sell out – if wishing made it so!!). I’ll be thinking a bit about presentation this week, and have the willing help and experience of my Dad to call on for help with that. We’ve been talking about internet presentation, and Dad has ever so kindly offered (a big weight off my mind!) to take over the photography, until I’m producing more than he can photograph, of course!! I’ve already registered to have an online shop, and I’m hoping to be able to unveil that, laterĀ thisĀ week. I want to get a good few items in there before I direct you to it all. There’s no point asking you to look at an empty shop front, is there?!

So, all in all my mind has been very occupied recently with patterns, jewellery design (trying to make sure I’m not copying anyone else as well) and yarn, to the exclusion of all else! I’ve come to the conclusion that my mind has a definite limit to it’s capacity, and I regularly find that my memory can’t hold a half of what I would like it to! When I went to look in my jewellery box (theĀ pieces I’ve made, rather than the stuff I already owned) I was pleasantly surprised by some of the items I found, having completely forgotten I’d made them! And if I had a fiver for each time I’d been to the bead shop in Cardiff and bought the exact same beads as I had on a previous trip, I’d be able to fund my yarn obsession for a fair while! I think this may be a large part of the reason that Dad’s offering to photograph my work, in order that I don’t forget it all as soon as I sell it! Oh dear, and knitters are supposed to have a better memory than non-knitters – there’s really no hope for my old age!


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