So tired!

I’m really looking forward to next year, at some point during which I am DETERMINED to go on a holiday which involves no shopping, cooking or cleaning, and lots of idleness, lolling about and doing very little (in between sumptuous meals prepared by someone other than myself or GG).

This summer seems to have been very tiring. OK, it took a fair bit of work to get the flat ready to put on the market, but that’s about all I’ve been busy with. Since Thursday evening, I’ve had about one evening’s worth of work to do to finish a scarf which I’m desperate to finish so that I can begin another pattern that’s fermenting in my brain, but I just can’t summon the energy. I’m a quarter of the way through that one evening’s worth of work, but it’s taken me three days! I’ve made some jam, visited family, been on an underwear shopping mercy mission with a good friend and looked for new houses on the internet, and now I’m all exhausted again!

Still, I’ve nothing left to do for the evening. Three hours or so until bedtime. I’m thinking that a few episodes of Bones would be a very good idea, and a couple of solid hours on the scarf should see me very much nearer to the end of it than I am now. I’m just longing to show it to you!

Ho hum, I’ll not get anywhere by staying here, so I’ll be offski!



3 Responses

  1. Underwear shopping? What unusual and intimate pastimes you Brits do lead.

    In the States we shop for ammo, and camo together, but we draw the line at the undies. Good to see your post once again, Look forward to seeing the …. scarf. πŸ™‚ AJ

  2. And I went underwear shopping with another friend yesterday! Such fun is the life I lead!!

  3. My Dear, what is it that you do in your under pants that causes them to wear out so fast? Maybe you better slow things down, down there!
    You’re a sweetheart take care. AJ

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