Long time…

Oh my goodness, it has been nearly three months since I last posted. I am still alive, and still have all of my fingers and (most of) my mental faculties.

Life seems to have been very busy! The summer term passed me by in a flash, and all of a sudden my children are home for seven weeks. There was actual real live sunshine, and so I cut back on my internet time in order to get out in it! And I’ve been doing a lot of crafting, most of it knitting.

Most significantly (in my life, at least), we’ve finally managed to get our flat on the market, and are now keeping our fingers crossed that someone else will come along and love it as much as we did nine and a half years ago when we put our offer in to buy it! I’ve got a list of potential houses to buy, and so if and when we get an offer on the flat, we are ready to leap into action and organise viewings straight away!

I hope to find time to be back in touch with you all a little more now. The medical problem with my hands hasn’t gone away, I’m just trying to manage it in such a way that I actually get to type a little more. And, thank God I can still knit! So I can keep myself very busy with that in between brief spurts of typing!

I hope you’re all well, and enjoying summer (or winter, if you’re the wrong way round!).

Signing off, for now.


4 Responses

  1. That’s great news about the flat 🙂

    Not so good about your hands, though 😦

  2. Welcome back!

    As Jo said, good news on the flat but not on the hands.

  3. Welcome back. Fingers crossed you can sell the flat quickly without any dramas.

    Sorry about the hands 😦

  4. Hey Jen welcome back! I thought maybe you had pissed off the wrong people in Parliament, after your last post about the elections. Glad to see you survived. Hope you can stay and play awhile I’ll be stopping in now and again to say hi. AJ

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