An Easter hat for my boy!

Last year I had a year off the boys’ Easter hat creation brainstorming headache, as their school didn’t ask the boys to bring any in for a parade – they dressed up for world book day instead. This year, Easter being a week later, they decided to revert to an Easter bonnet parade with their annual balloon race.

Luckily, it was only the infant school taking part in the Easter bonnet parade this year, so I only had one hat to make! GG very kindly bought a straw boater for the base of the Easter hat, and I found a job lot of chicks in Partners’ stationery shop in Cardiff. Mum saved some eggshells for us, and then we proceeded to put it all together. Shredded pastel coloured paper, chicks, eggshells, a straw hat, lots of glue and a needle and thread produced…this!

From GG, the boys have inherited big heads, so the hat sort of balanced on top of Cheeky’s head rather than coming down a little further as I would have liked!

You can see here the chicks in the eggshells – we made an actual puddle of glue in the bottom of each shell to make sure that the chicks would remain secure – and you might just about be able to make out where I’ve quickly run some thread around the shredded paper to stop it blowing away in the breeze!

Cheeky was happy with his hat. Another good idea I saw for a boy’s Easter hat was worn by a smaller child. He had an old baseball hat covered with yellow crepe paper or felt, and the peaked front was covered with orange fabric. Eyes stuck on to the front of the hat and yellow fluffy feathers sticking up at the back created a fabulous duck hat for the Easter parade. Other boys had top hat style hats or crowns or straw hats with suitable easter pictures or objects stuck on artistically!

To all of you that have come to see both this post and those from previous years about easter hats for boys, thanks for the visit and I hope to see you again soon!


7 Responses

  1. Great hat … beautiful eyes!

  2. Jennie, is it common for your schools to have Easter Parades? (Of course if this is a Christian day school I would understand), in the states that wouldn’t fly in the public system.

    That not withstanding, I’m not so sure those two little eyes under the brim of that hat are all that keen on the nested chicks in it.

    It’s good to see you’re back posting, I hope you have a Wonderful Easter.

  3. I think that a lot of the schools do something to celebrate Easter – our school isn’t a church school, but they have regular religious education (right the way through to about age 14 in high school too), daily prayers and always make things to commemorate Easter and Christmas. It’s not something that’s an issue in the UK really. The schools try to teach about different religions aside from Christianity, and parents have the option to opt out on their kids behalf of anything religious if they feel that strongly – I can remember a few kids not attending morning assembly when I was in school until the prayer bit was over. But then I think that Sunday schools in church are much sparcer here than in the US.

    Thank you for your Easter wishes; we have some nice plans for the weekend which I’m sure will help make it memorable!

  4. Thank you, Dancing, I have been told that he gets his eyes from me, so I’ll take that as a personal compliment!!

  5. You have made me smile!

    When I was four, my mum made me an Easter bonnet, and it was just like this, except with big flowers made from old wallpaper scraps as well.

    Anyway, I was the parade king, and was in the local paper. Not even joking!

  6. That is a very cool hat!

  7. That’s a fab hat. Do you know Cheeky was stood right in front of me for ages, and I didn’t even register what his hat looked like. Blame the hormones! Some of them were amazing though, put mine to shame.

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