Pinch, punch, first of the month, no return!

How did that rhyme start? Was it just a way to make people remember that the month had changed?? In which case, someone needs to give me a substantial injury on the first day of a new year, as I regularly write the old year on letters and cheques for months into a new year!

Anyway, I just wanted to come online and say hooray! and hurrah! In a very visually metaphorically way, I woke up this morning to a glorious blue sky and warm sunshine! It really feels like a turning point between the oh so long winter and the coming spring. I’m so…lifted up by such a nice start to the month. I know that there’ll probably be more wet, cold and windy days to come before we properly get into spring, but at least I can feel it coming now!


4 Responses

  1. How’s the allotment shaping up?

  2. Yay – sun AND warmth – I sat in the garden for my lunch today!

  3. yay for sun! I’m taking a break from all the snow in NY while in California, but I’ll be back soon. It’ll be nice to get back to more Spring-like weather rather than Winter-like weather!

  4. The allotment…is a whole other post! Nothing doing so far, as the weather has been so up and down, and I always seem to have unavoidable other things to do on the good days.

    It’s a little greyer today, but still brighter and more a cause for optimism than many days in the past few weeks!

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