A little bit of nothing

Today has been a bitty sort of a day. I had a dental appointment this morning which upset my normal routine so I’ve not really settled to anything productive since.

That dental appointment was extremely irritating, unfortunately. After some…not great dental work done in my teens, I had to have two bridges fitted in my twenties. A little while ago, one of the bridges came out, and over the last few days the other one hasn’t felt too secure. So I took myself to the dentist, am now set to have a few more visits and a bill of £177 at the end of it all! Ouch! Isn’t it always the way, just when you think you’re getting on your feet financially, some other expense comes along to upset the apple cart. Plus, my washing machine has been playing silly whatsits recently, so I’m really hoping that it won’t pack up completely any time soon!

I’m giving my friend her Shawl of Happiness this evening, and I’m hoping she’ll be happy with it. I’ll also give her her bonus present that I made, and then I will show you what that was tomorrow. I’ve shown both the shawl and the other thing to my friends at knitting group and to my parents, and I had a most gratifying response!

Handsome’s jumper is nearly done. I’ve just got to sew the pieces together and knit the collar, do a little bit of embellishing and hopefully it’ll be done by the time I go to bed tomorrow! Then I think I’ll move on to something for me. I have a poncho on the needles, so I’ll do a few days on that, then I want to knit an Ishbel shawl with my Araucania Multy yarn from Machelle (to clear room in my stash so that I can buy some of her yummy cashmere and cashmere/wool blend laceweight yarns!). After that, I think it’ll be another jumper for me, although I don’t know which pattern yet. I’ve narrowed it down to about five!

I’ve been thinking about Kadeea’s Apple and Cinnamon cake constantly, since she posted about it on Wednesday. I guess that this is what Lent is all about, it’s not supposed to be easy, but I really am looking forward to getting my baking things out again in April! However, given that I’ve got two birthday cakes to make in April (my darling sons have their birthdays only seventeen days apart!) by May I’m sure I’ll be sick of the sight of cake batter!

Another thing (or lots of things) I’ve been thinking about are Ellie‘s stitch markers. Ellie (who I met in my Thursday night knitting group) and I seem to have quite a lot in common, including liking all the same sorts of crafts. She, however, is much more talented than I with her crafting, especially her beadwork, and has an Etsy shop where she sells, amongst other things, her own designs of jewellery and sets of beaded stitch markers. Having seen so many really boring plain plastic stitch markers in use, it’s lovely to see such pretty ones available from her. I’m sure they would make any knitting project more interesting! I’ll ask her permission to post a couple of pictures of them, as I have my definite favourites! (Oh, and it pays me to be nice to her as she often gives me a lift to and from the knit meetups!)


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